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How Janallie Toomer’s Son Inspired Her To Start A Private School That Offers Christian-Based Education



Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Janallie Toomer is on a path to provide children from low-income families access to Christian-based education that could empower them to become capable adults and global leaders. 

She’s turning this dream into a reality through her private school known as Shepherd of God Christian Academy. Here, children can learn the right values and information on how they can navigate the future. 

“It is my goal to teach the students at my school to have a growth mindset and to be persistent in pursuing their greatest potential. If something doesnʼt go their way, they need to learn how to rise above and find a plan B to persevere,” she said. 

Her inspiration behind the private school stemmed from her love for her first child and her wanting to give him the education that he needs to progress in life. 

Wanting To Provide Education 

During 11th grade at Miami Southridge Senior High School, Janallie became impregnated with her first child. Due to this pregnancy, she had to stop attending school and continue her education in a homeschool setting. 

It was at this point in her life that everything did a 360-degree turn. Not only was she a teenage parent, but she had to care for her son who was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. This illness caused him to miss school and fall behind the other students in his grade level. 

“After I saw my son struggling and enduring much emotional turmoil at school, I decided to enroll him in private school. My husband and I were determined not to allow our son to become a part of the growing statistics of students with lifelong illnesses falling behind and dropping out,” Janallie said. 

This concept gave Janallie the idea to open a private school to help students in low-income areas receive a Christian-based education. Thus, Shepherd of God Christian Academy was born. 

Catering To Students Needs 

Janallie is proud to say that Shepherd of God Christian Academy has been open for a decade now. But its mission of providing quality education to children is far from over. 

Presently, Janallie is planning to open a vocational school for students with learning disabilities where teachers will be placed in an environment where they can teach through a hands-on approach and provide the students with the detailed education they need. 

“As we all know, not everyone learns the same way. So, why teach everyone with the same methods? A vocational school will help those students who need a more hands-on and real-world approach,” Janallie said. 

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