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How Jordan Griffin went from a novice to a semi-pro, with a look from Barstool Sports



From the Sticks to the Board: How Jordan Griffin went from a novice to a semi-pro, with a look from Barstool Sports 

It all started with an apparent addiction to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game on the PlayStation 2, pulling tricks off with the touch of a button, with one of the best skaters in the world. Jordan Griffin successfully achieved these dreams that were once at the tips of his fingers, and manifested them, becoming a semi-pro skater all at the spry age of 21. 

Jordan Griffin, grew up in a household in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with both of his parents, his little sister, Hatch, a close friend of his and one of his lifetime friends Matt, whom they took in a couple years ago. 

Even though time has passed by, and he has picked a lot of skills up at a rapid rate in the skating world, everybody has to start somewhere, including Jordan himself, despite the ease in which he now performs the multiple tricks that exist in his arsenal. 

Griffin first took his casual interest in skateboarding from the sticks to the back of his driveway in the third grade, trying to pull off an ollie with the help of his neighbor on his lawn, but to no avail. But, in the fifth grade he took another stab at it, when his three friends Jared, Greg, and Kevin, whom he all grew up with, asked him if he wanted to go skating. 

For the first couple of months, they would all go to the blacktop, but while his peers were picking up tricks fast, his progression was slower than theirs. 

“I’ve always skated with this fear in the back of my head at first,” Griffin said. 

In the years following, Griffin would oftentimes find himself losing interest in the sport, but always gaining that interest back through looking at pro skaters such as Paul Rodriguez and Manny Santiago.
“P- Rod… I’ve always looked up to Paul because I used to watch his skating videos, and interviews on YouTube, and he would always get me hyped to go skate. Manny, I loved his attitude, he was always smiling, and is such a down to earth guy,” Griffin said. 

The difficulty in learning these tricks was the reason why he loved the sport, having a naturally fiery passion for it. 

“It was always something to do, I’ve always liked the challenge, it was always motivation for me. Getting bruised up, putting yourself through different pain, is what it’s all about,” Griffin said.  

This was a jumpstart for him, leading back into what would ultimately be a passion that would follow him and be his outlet for the rest of his life. 

Griffin has now been skating for over 11 years, while creating and broadcasting his talent and arsenal of tricks for just under seven years, traveling across the tri-state area and beyond. He has built a broadband, strong and core skateboarder fanbase, with his Instagram page achieving just over 145,000 followers. He has also branched out from just posting skateboarding content; creating music and starting his own clothing brand, GriffGang Worldwide. He has also gotten big looks from skating-based: audio based companies including the likes of Thrasher and Wicked Audio, among others.  

Out of nowhere though, came an opportunity, at the hands of Barstool Sports, a mostly team-sport and pop culture based program, who has generated a following of over 8 million followers on Instagram, along with their own website as well. 

“It all started from a DM,” Griffin said. 

A filmer for Barstool Sports, Mike Wallace, direct-messaged Griffin, asking him if he wanted to be a part of a story that covered the Philadelphia skate scene, and to also be a stunt-double for their video that they would post to YouTube and Instagram.  

He seized the opportunity right away, which ended up being a major look for him. On set, there were two filmmakers, one capturing the interview, and one getting b-roll shots of him and other skaters involved in the filming process. 

Griffin ended up having a one on one conversation, where for the first time he got mic’d up. The interviewer asked him a combination of serious questions but also comedic and random questions as well, as some of their content is also funny. He was then asked to be a stunt double for the interviewer and skate in a trench coat with dress pants.

When this interview was first posted, he actually woke up to it, with one of his musical peers, Alex Catrambone calling him to congratulate him on being featured on Barstool Sports. When he opened up Instagram though, he saw a countless amount of notifications coming in from reposts, shares, and comments congratulating him.  

As a result of his immense talent, but also his natural networking skills, along with an outgoing personality, he has been able to establish good connections in the skateboarding industry. He ultimately has generated a network of 100,000 followers across all of his platforms. 

Has he lived his dream to the fullest extent? Not yet, he wants to become a pro skater down the line. He also never expected his dream to become reality, but he has put in a lot of work in order to get to where he is currently at. 

In the grander scheme of things, he appreciates it, but it has been the last of his worries or concerns. Jordan really was seeking for the ability to have a big enough voice and networking system in order to give back to his community like he has seen many semi pros and pros doing time and time again.

“I am living my dream. It’s more that I saw the destination, but I didn’t see the journey,” Griffin said. 

Written By: Justin Miranda

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Kane Ellis, Making Innovations in the Crypto and the Auto World



Addressing the Needs of the Masses

Importance of Passive Income in 2021!

Having a stable source of passive income is quite crucial. Especially in times like now, if you have only one income source, you are just one step away from poverty. You ought to have some reliable secondary income source. Having a sound investment portfolio can surely help a lot in this regard. But how to make such beneficial investments, in the long run, can be a bit perplexing to decide since you need to be analytical and skeptical at times. Kane Ellis, a progressive entrepreneur, mastered this very art and is now living a dream life. He is a philanthropist, businessman, marketing expert, cryptocurrency, and auto enthusiast. He governs and administers two of the most successful online startups, CarSwap and Nerd Herd, as a CEO and Co-Founder.

Kane and Crypto!

Cryptocurrencies always used to intrigue young Kane. He got fascinated by the idea that digitally mined currencies will find their utility in daily transactions and payments. Eventually, it led him to do more research about it. Once he got fully convinced about the effectiveness and viability of this concept, in the long run, he not only started making some huge investments in this field but also laid the foundations of his very first startup, Nerd Herd. It addressed the consultation needs of the masses as far as technology and corresponding investment options were concerned. Since the startup filled a large void in the market, giving sane investment advice to the people to build their investment portfolio from literally nothing, it soon became a huge success and grew exponentially in scale. With the launch of this startup, Kane also started mining bitcoins on his own. He mined nearly 3 to 4 coins per day back in 2010, and that in itself was a lot. Soon his firm was bidding on some huge contracts, like those ranging to a hundred dollars per hour!

CarSwap, The Initial Days

Kane didn’t stop there as he moved on to make some BIG and groundbreaking development in the vehicle-buy-and-sell sector with the help of his startup CarSwap in 2016. The startup soon gained quite a lot of popularity as it addressed a pressing concern of the common masses, which was to buy and sell their vehicles at market-competitive rates. The startup had an app that worked on matchmaking algorithms to show you the cars you might be interested in purchasing or renting. It also had filters for the accurate and up-to-date market comparison of the vehicles’ prices. Besides providing the users with all the mentioned features, it also generated a handsome revenue from the qualifying offers to car dealerships. Any business model cannot be successful until it solves an issue or addresses a need of the market. CarSwap fulfilled both of these criteria and hence proved to be quite successful in the coming years. 

Learning to Fight Alone

All this success doesn’t mean that Kane had it the easy way. There were times when the circumstances were not just right for him, and he had to make some tough decisions. But Kane didn’t get dejected. Instead, he bounced back every time with a rejuvenated heart and soul and an all-time high energy level. Being persistent can be regarded as one of the positive points of Kane Ellis as he had to cover a lot of ground before reaching this stage where he was able to buy his first supercar a Maserati Gran Turismo MC at a very young age of 2


Stepping Out of the Crowd

In this age of utter competition, you need to step out from the rest of the lot. You got to think out of the box to turn your dreams into reality. While most people would advise you to follow your passion, straightforward, the success story of Kane Ellis teaches us to be a bit skeptical as well. It teaches us to be analytical in approach and grab the right opportunity at the right time. Besides, we also learned that making highly profitable investments at a young age can put you years ahead in your career!

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How Sam Alawneh Grew His Business Into A Multi-Million Dollar Company



Throughout his life, Sam Alawneh believed that life has a higher purpose than just making money and paying taxes. He envisioned creating a brand that can influence the people around him in a positive way. 

“I want to inspire as many people as possible, and to do that, I need a brand behind all that I have,” he said. 

Passionate about his dream, Sam started working while he was in college by working in fast food and casual restaurants to put him through college. His first job was at McDonald’s where he made $3.85 an hour.

Eventually, Sam saved enough to build a pushcart that sold food to all the drinking crowd leaving the bars. And through his hard work, he managed to turn his humble start into a successful multi-million dollar company that serves as a testament to how serious he is in making his dream come true. 

“It’s special to me because it allows me to touch so many walks of life and make a difference,” Sam said. 

Keeping Their Values 

As an entrepreneur, the job entails a lot of responsibility, so stress and burnout are inevitable. For Sam, there are different ways to cope with the trials as well as tribulations in life. 

For starters, he copes by helping others to become successful as well because he believes that the reward is greater than any money that he could earn.

Other than that, Sam also offers a piece of advice to people who want to leave a positive influence as he does. 

“Keep the core values and revisit the mission and vision statement that made them who they are today. Our mission is to improve the human race,” he said. 

Six P’s to Success 

When it comes to helping others succeed in various aspects of their lives, he offers six P’s: “prior planning prevents piss poor performance.” 

Planning is a necessary part of any aspect of life. Not only does it create a concrete plan about where they want to go in life, but it also helps in forming possible solutions should problems arise. 

Yet the most important value that Sam wants to instill in other influencers and entrepreneurs is to have passion for what they do. This is also how he managed to grow his brand from scratch and make a profit while doing what he loves. 

With the proper work ethic and passion, Sam achieved his goal of leaving a positive impact on the community. Now, he hopes that his story will inspire others to do the same. 

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RoarjMcKay: Has The Community As His Main Influence Behind His Music



Jonathan Mckay better known as RoarjMcKay is an on the rise psychedelic recording artist hailing from Flint, Michigan. Since beginning his influential project “Keeping Tabs” in 2017, he has focused his sole efforts towards the opioid crisis within his community. He seeks to show his community positivity despite their unfortunate circumstances over the years. “Keeping Tabs” is a mobile application that Jonathan has designed to help aid doctors in healthier prescription tactics. Creating this platform has helped open up his audience and offers cross branding opportunities where brands can exchange dialogue.

In October of 2020 Jonathan began releasing music and started with his debut single “Rotting Rationality”. This production reached worldwide audiences and spanned a total of 2 months to launch officially. The project was recorded by RIAA Gold Award winning team of DuffDidThat with final engineering being done by Dre Berg of Lifeline Studios in Royal Oak, MI. He had his visual show for the single as well. The video was done by Grammy Award Winning Videographer Jo Ikigai and edited by the Keeping Tabs Production team.

“Rotting Rationality” highlights extreme internal struggles within the community. It focuses on the struggle between maintaining motivation and battling survivors’ guilt. Jonathan found a new appreciation for life after living through Flint’s Water Crisis. He was adapting to his new appreciation while also dealing with remission from cancer of the right Salivary Gland. He always chooses the good in all situations which helps to keep him sane. He encourages all to open their minds and practice mindfulness. Jonathan is a Psychedelic Rockstar! This year he will focus on expanding as an artist and a community influence. He also has a few up and coming tracks with indie artist DMTDream as well as a few singles set to drop periodically throughout the year. This Rockstar has an amazing outlook and perspective of life. He states “One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned throughout my professional experience has been to accept diversity and respecting other people‘s paths to success. Understanding that hard work comes in all shapes and sizes and to never judge a person before you meet them. I’ve met some of my most valuable friends in the creative scene.” Focus on learning and allow yourself to connect with the world.

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