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How Jordan Griffin went from a novice to a semi-pro, with a look from Barstool Sports



From the Sticks to the Board: How Jordan Griffin went from a novice to a semi-pro, with a look from Barstool Sports 

It all started with an apparent addiction to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game on the PlayStation 2, pulling tricks off with the touch of a button, with one of the best skaters in the world. Jordan Griffin successfully achieved these dreams that were once at the tips of his fingers, and manifested them, becoming a semi-pro skater all at the spry age of 21. 

Jordan Griffin, grew up in a household in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with both of his parents, his little sister, Hatch, a close friend of his and one of his lifetime friends Matt, whom they took in a couple years ago. 

Even though time has passed by, and he has picked a lot of skills up at a rapid rate in the skating world, everybody has to start somewhere, including Jordan himself, despite the ease in which he now performs the multiple tricks that exist in his arsenal. 

Griffin first took his casual interest in skateboarding from the sticks to the back of his driveway in the third grade, trying to pull off an ollie with the help of his neighbor on his lawn, but to no avail. But, in the fifth grade he took another stab at it, when his three friends Jared, Greg, and Kevin, whom he all grew up with, asked him if he wanted to go skating. 

For the first couple of months, they would all go to the blacktop, but while his peers were picking up tricks fast, his progression was slower than theirs. 

“I’ve always skated with this fear in the back of my head at first,” Griffin said. 

In the years following, Griffin would oftentimes find himself losing interest in the sport, but always gaining that interest back through looking at pro skaters such as Paul Rodriguez and Manny Santiago.
“P- Rod… I’ve always looked up to Paul because I used to watch his skating videos, and interviews on YouTube, and he would always get me hyped to go skate. Manny, I loved his attitude, he was always smiling, and is such a down to earth guy,” Griffin said. 

The difficulty in learning these tricks was the reason why he loved the sport, having a naturally fiery passion for it. 

“It was always something to do, I’ve always liked the challenge, it was always motivation for me. Getting bruised up, putting yourself through different pain, is what it’s all about,” Griffin said.  

This was a jumpstart for him, leading back into what would ultimately be a passion that would follow him and be his outlet for the rest of his life. 

Griffin has now been skating for over 11 years, while creating and broadcasting his talent and arsenal of tricks for just under seven years, traveling across the tri-state area and beyond. He has built a broadband, strong and core skateboarder fanbase, with his Instagram page achieving just over 145,000 followers. He has also branched out from just posting skateboarding content; creating music and starting his own clothing brand, GriffGang Worldwide. He has also gotten big looks from skating-based: audio based companies including the likes of Thrasher and Wicked Audio, among others.  

Out of nowhere though, came an opportunity, at the hands of Barstool Sports, a mostly team-sport and pop culture based program, who has generated a following of over 8 million followers on Instagram, along with their own website as well. 

“It all started from a DM,” Griffin said. 

A filmer for Barstool Sports, Mike Wallace, direct-messaged Griffin, asking him if he wanted to be a part of a story that covered the Philadelphia skate scene, and to also be a stunt-double for their video that they would post to YouTube and Instagram.  

He seized the opportunity right away, which ended up being a major look for him. On set, there were two filmmakers, one capturing the interview, and one getting b-roll shots of him and other skaters involved in the filming process. 

Griffin ended up having a one on one conversation, where for the first time he got mic’d up. The interviewer asked him a combination of serious questions but also comedic and random questions as well, as some of their content is also funny. He was then asked to be a stunt double for the interviewer and skate in a trench coat with dress pants.

When this interview was first posted, he actually woke up to it, with one of his musical peers, Alex Catrambone calling him to congratulate him on being featured on Barstool Sports. When he opened up Instagram though, he saw a countless amount of notifications coming in from reposts, shares, and comments congratulating him.  

As a result of his immense talent, but also his natural networking skills, along with an outgoing personality, he has been able to establish good connections in the skateboarding industry. He ultimately has generated a network of 100,000 followers across all of his platforms. 

Has he lived his dream to the fullest extent? Not yet, he wants to become a pro skater down the line. He also never expected his dream to become reality, but he has put in a lot of work in order to get to where he is currently at. 

In the grander scheme of things, he appreciates it, but it has been the last of his worries or concerns. Jordan really was seeking for the ability to have a big enough voice and networking system in order to give back to his community like he has seen many semi pros and pros doing time and time again.

“I am living my dream. It’s more that I saw the destination, but I didn’t see the journey,” Griffin said. 

Written By: Justin Miranda

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Rampant bullying on clubhouse



The Harsh Reality that Comes with Social Media

Clubhouse Influencer Mario Nawfal sheds light-weight on the instances of bullying he has encountered on the aggressive platform

For some, social media could be a good way to hang around, except for others, it’s a business, or associate degree shake reality. As “anti-reality” because it could appear, social media isn’t any completely different than the globe we have a tendency to know; you’ll realize the nice and therefore the unhealthy specifically as you’d offline. 

We’ve all detected of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, however there’s a replacement platform that’s taking social media by storm right now—Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is associate degree audio-only mobile app that permits you to attach with completely different folks and begin conversations within a “room”. The networking potential of club is large, and it’s an excellent place to create relationships, discuss interests, and do business. The app has become insanely in style, because it reaches wider audiences daily.

Whether they’re exploitation it to grow their personal complete, their business, or simply for the fun of it, several of the club “originals” have already generated an oversized following. one in all the first adopters of club was Mario Nawfal, a business owner and enterpriser. As a business influencer with associate degree already established personal complete on Instagram and LinkedIn, Nawfal saw potential within the platform and a chance to grow his complete even additional. 

Within many weeks of change of integrity, Nawfal was already one in all the fastest-growing influencers on club, with over fifty,000 followers. His daily area “The Roundtable” hosts huge names in business like Tai Lopez, Naveen Jain and Jay Shetty. The round-table conference quickly became one in all the most important club area, with thousands of listeners standardization in daily, earning a footing because the #1 area in business and leading several to label Mario because the King of club. as a result of club could be a terribly intimate platform, building connections moves at a way quicker pace, which may successively be a ambiguous sword- leading users to creating each friends and enemies on the platform terribly speedily. 

One occasion wherever this ambiguous brand negatively affected Nawfal was once enterpriser and capitalist mythical being Calacanis joined one in all the rooms during which Mario was a moderator. in line with Nawfal, following a verbal disagreement with another moderator, Calacanis was affected back to the audience by a 3rd moderator. albeit Nawfal was really asleep throughout this fracas, Calacanis later began offensive Nawfal and a few of the opposite moderators on his Twitter feed, describing them as a gaggle of course-selling scammers and reportedly asked his followers to mass report Nawfal and therefore the different moderators, that eventually crystal rectifier to Nawfal’s club account obtaining suspended hastily. 

Clubhouse didn’t reply to my email and Nawfal’s account remains suspended as of this article’s publication. 

It’s very straightforward to possess somebody suspended on Clubhouse; it’s going to solely take fifteen folks reportage associate degree account to possess it mechanically “temporarily” suspended. This raises questions on the platform’s rule and talent to trot out the ugly aspect of humanity. to possess a giant influencer suspended while not investigation once their account is rumored, could be a major concern that the founders should address. 

While club features a forbiddance and reportage system that’s kind of like different social media platforms, the matter that club runs into is its inability to review the rumored content on time. because of their rapid climb, the team is understaffed, departure my below the belt suspended accounts still suspended awaiting the result of Clubhouse’s investigation.

As somebody that follows Mario Nawfal on his social media accounts, I will say that he really stands against “fake gurus” and scammers within the trade, and as way as i do know, he has ne’er sold-out a course or any information product in his life. whereas mythical being Calacanis could be a revered figure and there’s little question regarding his intentions, things like this will be harmful and might tarnish someone’s labor and name at intervals hours.

If there’s a deeper lesson to be learned these days, it’s that bullying is all-too common on social media and a way deeper downside that needs a lot of attention. New platforms like club should develop systems and processes to raised trot out such problems and treat them with a lot of importance.


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BobbyJayTV – An Entrepreneur and Activist



BobbyJayTV – An Entrepreneur and Activist

Activist And Entrepreneur Personality BobbyJayTV

Who does not know BobbyJayTV who has stepped into the business industry without the support of
anyone and who has no business background? The road to success in the business world was not
smooth for him since he was not the son of a rich and reputed businessman. No one was behind him to
enlighten the way. Therefore, his focus was to change his destiny with his deeds. Bob Jacob is the
popular name of BobbyJayTV.
About personal life
In the Us, he is a popular and most influential African-American entrepreneur. He was residing in Liberia,
a Wartorn Country, but he migrated to another area to be successful and for a better living standard.
Getting all these things was not possible for him at that place.
He has launched his fashion brand in the Ugandan fashion industry. The 26 years old boy is famous for
his brand in the industry. Jacob’s fashion brands are the craze of the majority of men and women
because it is the source through which they can get a stylish and different identity. They like to change a
variety of dresses daily to attain a trendy look with the help of the brands. Branded accessories and
dresses are the demand of the majority due to the demand for modern style. His brand helps to
maintain people’s wardrobes uniquely. These branded wardrobe essentials can be put on in different
ways and various styles.
Ugandan fashion is one of the top brands and is known for its incredible attire of great value. They have
entered the market and now have a great establishment in more than twenty-five countries. It is known
as the powerhouse of Fashion. These are intended to grab consumer’s consideration and they will
always remember the appeal of these unique sorts of attire. These are enough to maintain your
personality in the way that you are looking hot and trendy. All his fans love to contact him on Instagram
because he is available for them on this platform.


As an activist, he is struggling for a cause and that is sex trafficking. He is fighting against this injustice.
BobbyJayTV has suffered a lot at his early age due to his poverty. Therefore, he is trying to work on this
As per BobbyJayTV, in the modern age sex trafficking is a curse. The majority of the people from poor
countries have been the victim of this crime. The government has issued several laws against this crime.
It is important to report against the criminals. Government workers are dependable because they are
completely well-aware of the legal formalities related to public rights. For having a long history of
defeating these companies of human trafficking, according to the rules and regulations, they are an ideal

choice for you. Children and teenagers are forced for services and labor without pay. It is similar to
servitude and slavery. They are cheated and used for the removal of organs and sex. BobbyJayTV is
raising voice against it.

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J Traxx: Is a Powerful and Underestimated Music Mogul Who is Making Musicians Famous Overnight



J Traxx is a musical mastermind born and raised in East St. Louis, IL. He is a Producer, Writer, Keyboard Player, Performer and Engineer. He is very talented when it comes to anything revolving around music. Since a young age he has been an avid keyboard player. At the age of 13 J Traxx was selected from hundreds of kids to personally perform for Oprah Winfrey and Laura Bush during a gospel fest in Ohio. This was just the start for others noticing his raw talent and gift with music. Since then he has opened for major artists such as Birdman, Nelly, T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Too Short and Webbie. He enjoys performing and has a presence on stage that is unmatched. He states “I feel no pressure when I’m on stage and producing does the same thing for me emotionally.” His influences come from God, his dearly departed mother and his father. Musically Michael Jackson is his biggest influence as well as other artists such as Busta Rhymes, Lil Jon, T-Pain, Nelly, Nas, Chris Brown, Usher and Ne-Yo. 

J Traxx has already seen a great level of success, but he is always driven and determined to accomplish more. This year he wishes to get one of his artists singles to chart on Billboard and

solidify new accomplishments within his business relations. Right now he is producing his artist “Louii Gurl Mommi” and working on the final stages of his own personal E.P. His goal is to work hard as an independent and make sure his brand is not ignored, but “sticks out like a sore thumb.” he says. His label Famous Overnight is original, independent and very accurate and detailed when it comes to the business side of things. His label is all genre friendly, accessible for the needy, with a consistent drive. Famous Overnight is a positive brand and label that focuses on encouraging Artists, Producers, Performers etc. They focus on having each artist develop appropriately while flourishing to their highest potential without losing their own personal identity. J Traxx is a lovable, friendly, respectful, comedic and compassionate individual who wants to see everybody win.


Business email

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