Working in the sales industry requires the skills and knowledge to entice people to buy products and services through various approaches. Some include developing sales leads and pitches, formulating strategies, and even going out of town to meet prospective clients. 

As a result, stakeholders often need to improve their operations to remain effective. However, it can sometimes be challenging, especially if high ticket sales are involved. 

Keithen Lewis, who was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, saw how sales companies sometimes struggled to keep their operations effective. However, he believes that with the right skill, persuasiveness, and experience, anyone can streamline their business’s operations and make a sale. 

Starting The Closing Agency 

Presently, Keithen runs a company called The Closing Agency which he started after seeing many online businesses streamline and outsource their sales systems to close high ticket deals. 

By this time, Keithen had several years of experience in selling services worth up to five figures per package while using his debating skills to support what he already knew, improving his selling ability and understanding the process inside and out. 

Keithen was 17-years-old when he started his online career. His first job was as a high ticket sales representative for a handful of service-based companies. 

“I started taking daily calls to sell services priced between $2500 to over $10,000 per package. This experience not only helped me when I started selling my services, but it gave me a unique advantage over my competition when I started debating competitively in college,” he said. 

He added that his career experience in sales also helped him win a national debate championship two years later. 

Through The Closing Agency, the entrepreneur saw several of the sales representatives they trained to succeed in the industry. 

“We’ve seen a handful of our representatives close six figures in 30 days on multiple offers,” Keithen said. “My proudest example would be a 21-year-old representative who I trained, closing over $100k within one month.

In the next few years, Keithen plans to continue training and developing as many committed sales professionals as possible while also becoming a notable public speaker. 

As the owner of a business, Keithen learned several valuable lessons that guide his actions as an entrepreneur and a leader. He learned that responsibility starts at the top, which means his role in the company is crucial to its success. 

Moreover, he discovered that pitching, negotiating, and selling are the skills that every entrepreneur needs to develop to secure success in any industry. 

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