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How Kique Gomez, a Rising Singer, Pursued Passion Despite Obstacles



Difficulties and obstacles are a part of life. Some people experience them in middle age, others when they are in their old age. There is no shortage of people who have faced various difficulties from a very young age. These people go on to have strong personalities and develop a drive that helps them stand up to any obstacle that stands in their way. Kique Gomez, a singer and one of the top 10 contestants on “The Voice”, is a person who has been through some tough spots. 

Born and raised in a Cuban family, Kique had a great childhood and immense support from his family when choosing his career. When he auditioned for The Voice, he was quick to be selected by the judges but chose Gwen Stefani as his mentor. He blossomed under her mentorship and emerged as a skillful singer and musician. He has been singing renditions of many great songs, making them his own, and the crowds at the show love him for it. 

He is very active on social media and shares his clips behind the camera and all the work put into making the show. When he was selected to be in the top 10 singers on the show, he contracted the coronavirus and had to perform via a pre-recorded tape. Although a strange experience, Kique was very thankful to the “The Voice” team, who made it possible for him to sing for the judges regardless of the circumstances. 

Kique mentions in his numerous interviews how he was nervous going into the shooting because they had to record it before the show, and he didn’t have enough time to revisit and practice his performance. Regardless of that, he gave a stunning performance and impressed the judges, who were genuinely concerned about his health. Gwen appreciated his commitment to singing, even though he was sick. 

In one of his interviews, Kique reminisces, “When I got [to the studio], I was unfamiliar with the space, there’s no crowd, there are no people, it’s just me and the cameras and the lights. It was really, really weird and different. I felt like I didn’t have the energy from the crowd, obviously, that you want, but at the end of the day, I’m forever grateful to NBC that I was able to still perform even with COVID”. The feel of the stage and the crowd made Kique sing his heart out to the people and enjoy his performances. In his message after the show, he mentions this and appreciates the hospitality and love he got from the judges and the audience at the show. 

He wants to go on to release the song “Hey Ya,” originally by the Outkast, in his rendition in the future when he can. This will surely garner him attention from studios for future endeavors and give producers a chance to really see his talent and work with him to make more music. Kique wants to make a name for himself in the music industry and make it his primary income source by creating good music for the world. With his raw talent, that goal will soon become a reality.

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