Meital Venus is an artist, songwriter, instrumentalist and model from LA. She is one of the best to keep an eye on, with a message and story to tell. She is located in Los Angeles. Meital’s purpose in life is to create songs that will move others in a positive direction and show it is possible to overcome anything you put your mind to. Her music speaks on the highs, lows and everything in between in dealing with the various moments life has to offer including love, changes, aspirations, and more. From growing up with a mix of Israeli, Yemenis, and French-Moroccan heritage, Meital shows her roots through her music, creating an international soundscape. By mixing ancient exotic melodies with modern drums, synths, and 808s, she creates her own distinct sound, which is truly special. Aside from creating music, Meital is a professional dance teacher and actress and has a wide range of experience, including appearances in various T.V shows and international competitions. She is pescetarian and lives a healthy lifestyle while keeping her mind, body, and spirit in harmony. Her high spirits and good vibrations will change your mood for the better, and if you take a listen to her music, you will feel for yourself!

Recently, Meital Venus released a single titled “Everyday Alive” which is a very empowering and uplifting pop/dance song with an inspiring message intended to touch the lives of others in a positive way. As we live our lives, we get fixated on looking back at the past and worrying about the future. We sometimes need to be reminded that all we truly have is the present, and if we can empty our minds and live in the moment, we will realize what it is like to truly be ALIVE. This is a daily practice, and can easily be neglected when life overwhelms us. We must rise above all the obstacles life has to bring and realize happiness is all in our perspective. 

The music video shows Meital Venus waking up to her piano, writing the first line of the song, walking on the road and later riding on her bike in Beverly Hills, California. Joining her rout about 30 different artists from all over the world, showing their own way of celebrating life, their unique and authentic talent. Beautiful shots and moments of liberation & creation coming together from all around the world, taking their masks off and being  ALIVE

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