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How Mula_Mook Went from the Backlines as a Drummer to Centerstage as a Singer



Born and raised in Brooklyn, Mula_Mook grew up in the church but was always hanging around out in the streets at a young age. But aside from being street-savvy, he is also musically-inclined. 

“I was always into music ever since I was two years old. My pops used to tell me stories about how I would go to sleep to him singing to me as a baby. I got my first drum set at two-years-old and that was my first instrument,” he said. 

He later started playing the piano and producing music at 14-years-old. When he turned 16, Mula_Mook began to realize that he had much more to offer such as singing and playing more instruments. 

Shifting to Singing 

At the age of 17, he had his first hip-hop gig at a bar, even though he wasn’t old enough to get it but he got in anyway thanks to his big brother, VinnieKeyz.  

“From there, I’ve been working with a lot of artists in the hip-hop music industry playing drums until last year,” he said. 

2020 is the year Mula_Mook decided that he wanted to sing because he would always ask people if he should be a singer.  And during the pandemic, he wanted to try new things.

“I’ve accomplished so many things in 2020. But in 2021, I’m perfecting my craft and learning to do better and be better. Now I’m working on a lot of new music that coming and I’m releasing new music soon called ‘Sexy’ and it’s for the ladies,” he said. “My major projects and goals is to release good music, build up my fan base. This year I just want to be successful and make sure my family is good. I’m all about delivering good music.” 

Presently, Mula_Mook has gained more than 45,000 listeners on SoundCloud for his song Cupid Love, and 5,500 on YouTube for his song Bad and Dangerous. 

Stepping Out His Comfort Zone 

“The things I’ve learned in 2020, is [to] move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. And that’s what I did,” Mula_Mook said. 

“If you want to rap, sing or producer or be a musician. Then do it! Prove everyone wrong and become the best version of yourself, brand yourself, and protect yourself from fake love and leeches, even if you have to separate yourself,” he added. 
Learn more about Mula_Mook through his Facebook and Instagram accounts, or listen to his songs on YouTube.

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