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How Music Allowed G Versa to Come Out Of His Shell And Express Himself



There have been many individuals who have realized the power of music and how it can unlock new facets in one’s personality. One example is G Versa, an artist who was born in Queens, New York. 

Growing up in Queens, G Versa always had fun and has been active both indoors or outdoors from playing sports, to video games. But despite having numerous hobbies and ways to spend time, G Versa realized that he was a shy kid. 

“I was a shy kid growing up never really spoke unless I was spoken to but music got me out of that shell and helped me showcase my personality,” he said. 

But music did more for him than just get him out of his shell. It also presented him with an opportunity to create a career out of it. 

“I started my music career in 2014 when my friends and I were freestyling and dissing each other for fun,” he said. 

Eventually, it encouraged G Versa to actually pursue a career in music and take it seriously. His determination, partnered with the time and effort, allowed him to drop his first-ever mixtape in 2015 titled “Sixth Man Of The Year” under the artist name Gado which is what the G in G Versa stands for. In 2018 he dropped his next project titled S.K.I.N which stands for 

She Know I’m Next.

Garnering Streams and Creating More 

Aside from his first-ever mixtape, G Versa also created other content. His single called “Vibes” earned 33,000 streams while another song of his called “Champagne Gado” reached 30,000 streams. And for G Versa, there’ll be more where that came from. 

“The goals I have for this upcoming year are releasing more music and building my brand more,” he said

He’s also currently working on his next project titled “To Whom It May Concern” which has been in the works for a couple of months already.

“I try to inspire everyone with my music and have relatable content for the listeners cause we go through similar issues just in a different manner,” G Versa added. 

Slow And Steady Towards Success 

Being serious about his music and career, G Versa values the process of creativity which is why he takes his time to create content. He believes that the way to success is by taking things slow and easy and that greatness can’t be rushed. 

And if faced with roadblocks and frustration, he advises that being mad can help as it can be used for motivation to create new music that his fans will love. 
Find out more about G Versa through his website,

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An Inside Look At The Artist Mise The Prince



Joseph A Sanchez, better known as Mise Da Prince, was born on March 1st, 1993 in New York. Mise was raised in Brooklyn’s Farragut Projects. When Mise was younger, he discovered football and became enamored with the New York Giants, the club that he grew up with. He aspired to be a professional athlete but was sidelined after suffering a knee injury during a game. In 2006, Mise became interested in music and particularly liked rap; he would spend his days watching rap videos. When he was injured, his mother saw his interest in music and recommended he give rapping a try. Following the guidance of his mother, Mise started rapping and recording a song with his cousins called “Can I Live” over a Black Rob rhythm. ‘Pride’ by Mise, his first EP, was published on SoundCloud to critical acclaim and included six new songs produced by professional beats. The next step for Mise was to perform his music all across the east coast, from New York City to Pennsylvania and North Carolina to South Carolina. Mise formed a band with his cousin, dubbed “Legal Hittaz.” Fast Fetti Ent, the label with whom they worked, was one of their partners. It was at that point that “Prince Of The City” published Mise’s first three studio albums, “You Know The Vibes” and “Respect My Pen.” More LPs and EPs have been released under his Meztheprod and Aechelon Records names since then. A billboard in Times Square and an article in the well-known magazine Rap Aechelon, which sold 9,000 copies on its own in the United States, both highlighted Mise’s music. Mise Da Prince just released the instant classic song “Streets Made Me,” from the clever lyrics to the lyrical wordplay, this album is going to be one for the history books.

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Prince Abbasi: Is Making Sure He Leaves His Mark Not Only In Music, But Also The Crypto World



Prince Abbasi is an on the rise artist from Albany, New York. He has had an immense growth in his musical craft within the last couple of years absolutely honing in on his passion and making sure it becomes his career. Recently Prince Abbasi has released a new project titled Reallyfe Music Vol.1 which is under the handle Rahlow Triplefive that’s now an official collectors item as the project is no longer available on streaming platforms, but you can hear the songs from the project on YouTube on triplefivetv or if you google Rahlow Triplefive. 

Although a lot went into Reallyfe Music Vol.1 Prince Abbasi is working on a new album titled “The Death Of Rahlow Triplefive ”. This project will be released January 3rd of 2022. This is a huge success milestone. The first single from the project is called “Just Know” featuring Ave Washington which will be released officially October 15, 2021. The second single will follow suit and release November 15, 2021 right before the album debut. Prince Abbasi is also partnering with to work on a NFT which is something that is steaming up in the crypto world. All in all he is working and staying consistent with his content. Prince Abbasi is an amazing individual who speaks the truth in all that he does and will continue to do so. He is definitely someone you want to check out and add to your playlists.

make sure you follow him on social media to keep up with all of his latest release dates and all news revolving around the brand.

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Rising Trap Punk Artist ‘Sick In This Second’ Releases First Studio Album



 Love & Lust , or Chaos & Corruption? In the breath taking works of “Sick In This Second’s” first studio album “Lipstick & Dipspit” , he has provided the audience with a perception of her once perfect love story in the first half of the album or his life altering heartbreak via the second half of the album. ‘Sick In This Second’ has managed to score a full roster of notable Producers & Engineers behind his production. Hec Finesse of SCMFG The Label, Qadada The God (QTG Management), Gino Mathis with Avant Music Group, Joshua Sonnenfroh of Just Perfect Studios, Music Junkie (Producer & Album Feature), Cameron Becker with “Liberty Deep Down”, all in perfect unison of what is said to be one of the hottest trap punk albums out to date. Sick In This Second had a whopping 150k streams first month on “Lipstick & Dipspit”, independently. The album is available on all major streaming platforms.

“Its always fun working on projects with artists of other genres. The only feature on my album is “One Day”, Engineered by Music Junkie and also featuring a verse from him on the song. It stretched my comfort zone in ways I couldn’t further explore my sound otherwise.” Said ‘Sick In This Second’.

We asked Sick what he has in the works now that his first album is released. He told us “It’s a game of the people now. My audience seems to enjoy the album thus far into the release. Right now for me it’s mainly maintaining marketing, working on my clothing line which I previewed during my last iHeartRadio interview & finalizing my third jacket before the media tour this weekend at the ‘Eclipse Lounge’ with WePromoUsa. I’m also very grateful my song “PunkStar” charted Nigerian Billboard. Not to mention it was the first song I advertised on a physical billboard, haha, see how manifestation works?” Sick In This Second, added.

“Sick In This Second” explained how much this album release meant to him by and how it was hard for him to realize when the album was finished because art is never finished it’s only ever recycled. “Not to mention you can only release your first album once”, he says.

What content do you have in the fourth coming months for your fans & viewers?, we asked him. “My first mainstream music video will be filmed in November. So that will be coming soon. I have a national headlining tour with FNN FlexxGod popping off in late December / early January.”

Instagram @sickinthissecond
Be sure to keep up with his content and follow him. You will not be disappointed.

Contact information:
Name of contact : Jesse Blankenship

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