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How Music Allowed G Versa to Come Out Of His Shell And Express Himself



There have been many individuals who have realized the power of music and how it can unlock new facets in one’s personality. One example is G Versa, an artist who was born in Queens, New York. 

Growing up in Queens, G Versa always had fun and has been active both indoors or outdoors from playing sports, to video games. But despite having numerous hobbies and ways to spend time, G Versa realized that he was a shy kid. 

“I was a shy kid growing up never really spoke unless I was spoken to but music got me out of that shell and helped me showcase my personality,” he said. 

But music did more for him than just get him out of his shell. It also presented him with an opportunity to create a career out of it. 

“I started my music career in 2014 when my friends and I were freestyling and dissing each other for fun,” he said. 

Eventually, it encouraged G Versa to actually pursue a career in music and take it seriously. His determination, partnered with the time and effort, allowed him to drop his first-ever mixtape in 2015 titled “Sixth Man Of The Year” under the artist name Gado which is what the G in G Versa stands for. In 2018 he dropped his next project titled S.K.I.N which stands for 

She Know I’m Next.

Garnering Streams and Creating More 

Aside from his first-ever mixtape, G Versa also created other content. His single called “Vibes” earned 33,000 streams while another song of his called “Champagne Gado” reached 30,000 streams. And for G Versa, there’ll be more where that came from. 

“The goals I have for this upcoming year are releasing more music and building my brand more,” he said

He’s also currently working on his next project titled “To Whom It May Concern” which has been in the works for a couple of months already.

“I try to inspire everyone with my music and have relatable content for the listeners cause we go through similar issues just in a different manner,” G Versa added. 

Slow And Steady Towards Success 

Being serious about his music and career, G Versa values the process of creativity which is why he takes his time to create content. He believes that the way to success is by taking things slow and easy and that greatness can’t be rushed. 

And if faced with roadblocks and frustration, he advises that being mad can help as it can be used for motivation to create new music that his fans will love. 
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