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How Playing Around With Rhymes And Tunes Eventually Inspired Benzo To Start A Career In Music



There are some instances when we do things for fun and oftentimes, these hobbies allow us to create and build something out of nothing using our skills and talents. However, there are times when our hobbies become more than just something we enjoy doing during our free time.  

One example is Benjamin Becerra, professionally known as Fade Dresto and Benzo. He started making music in 2006 when he was just messing around with his rhymes and tunes.

“I didn’t know anything about counting bars or any music fundamentals. I wasn’t actually recording anything serious. I was just doing it for fun but once I found out I could put words together it was game on,” he said.

After realizing what he could achieve if he pursued a career in music, Benzo developed and mastered his music, creating a personal brand that speaks of him as an artist.

The Music Under His Name

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Benzo has been making music for six years now. He currently has two albums out with a third one in the works.

Benzo’s career as a musician became official when he released his first album, “Self Nurtured”, back in 2019 through an indie label called Sound Alive Records.

“The record was a local success due to the versatility that it carried within the project. Ever since I have been performing in different states, a little tour I would say,” Benzo shared.

Just last August, Benzo moved to Los Angeles after he got a call from a guy named Jay who conducts an annual event called Indie Power Summit where he ended up performing his album.

“A couple of days later I decided that I was going to stay in L.A. due to large amounts of influencers,” Benzo said.

On November 6, 2020, Benzon released his most recent album, Faded Benzo, which a lot of people love because it had a different sense of style and the music is relatable.

Continuing The Hustle

Today, Benzo owns two private professional recording studios in El Paso and Los Angeles. He is also currently working on new visuals and a brand new album which will be announced later this year.

Now that his music career is taking off, his current goal is to land a great partnership with Universal Music Group, work with veterans in the rap game, and just keep expanding within the world of music.

Learn more about Benzo through his website,, or check out his FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts.

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