When the pandemic struck two years ago, everybody was scrambling to get their affairs in order and weather out the global health crisis. But as others’ lives shifted, 19-year-old Rogelio Bonola was on his way to establishing himself as an entrepreneur. 

Rogelio graduated from high school in June 2020. Immediately after, he felt the need to do something to progress into the future. Although he still had no idea what it was at the time, he eventually found his calling and used that to his advantage. All it took was small steps that led him to a successful future. 

Changing His Mindset 

Some of the significant steps that Rogelio has taken were investing time to read business books, watching motivational speakers, and adapting millionaire habits and daily routines that he can apply to his life. 

For a time, he was laser-focused on studying the markets, investing, and trading daily. The then aspiring entrepreneur also realized who his friends were and weren’t. It was then that Rogelio knew that he wanted to elevate his knowledge, morals, and mindset.

“To go somewhere in life, you have to sometimes sacrifice something. Everything has a price. And for me, paying that price and going through with it was the hardest thing I’ve had to go through,” he said. 

His personality went from a high school graduate looking for a purpose to an entrepreneur and influencer loved by many. 

Present Endeavors 

Rogelio is the founder and CEO of The Inner Circle Podcast, a show where he offers help to others who want to achieve the same mindset and level of success as his. The Inner Circle Podcast has officially passed more than 1,000 listeners per month on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

“I founded The Inner Circle with the idea that I’ve always wanted to help anyone. If I can give my hand to someone and help them, so be it. Motivation and inspiration go a long way,” he said. 

The young entrepreneur is presently working on starting an official merchandise store for The Inner Circle Podcast. He’s expediting orders, printing the designs on the merchandise himself, and giving back to those who support him. 

His success also comes from the support and teamwork of his business partners, Mario Sanchez, an entrepreneur and artist; Gabriel Rojas, an entrepreneur; Preston Kuja, the COO and content creator of The Inner  Circle Podcast; and Branson McCray, an executive, business partner, and entrepreneur. 

“They are all like me, exploring their niche. I wouldn’t be here without any of them,” Rogelio said. 

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