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How Sharpline Distro Artists Are Making $10M+ In Streaming



The music industry is changing at a nauseating speed, with more and more artists taking matters into their own hands. It’s time to cut out the middle-man, retain full rights to your music, and yet still enjoy serious profits. Or at least, so says Sharpline Distro.

Sharpline Distro is the brainchild of Victor Byke, a serious music lover and visionary, who wanted to see a world where his favorite music could reach as many people as possible without a compromise for the artist. That meant Sharpline Distro. The music distribution service allows artists to keep 100% of their rights to music, while also getting the music to a worldwide audience, and to quite serious success.

In 2021, news broke that the majority of Sharpline Distro’s clients were earning over $50k yearly from streaming alone. Now, as we near the end of 2022, Sharpline is at a new highpoint. Their clientele has grown by a whopping 60%, and according to Managing Director David James, 50 Sharpline artists are currently making over $1M from streaming their music online annually.

“More people are seeing the value of being an independent artist,” says James. For us, at Sharpline Distro, the focus has always been on building a sustainable career, with no upper limits.”

The Managing Director also opined that it’s an increased focus on independence as an artist that’s driving Sharpline’s growing popularity.

“I think more artists are realizing they want to be the kind of musician who hasn’t traded their integrity or their art for profit. And I think that’s a trend that’s on the rise across the music scene, in all genres. So we’re going to be sticking with that, and doing what we’ve always done – helping artists take control, while also turning profit.”

Chairman David Byke estimates that a vast majority of their artists are worth $3M, at least, if you consider the $50k – $1M streaming profits, as well as the value of their saleable rights to their music.

With this happy rounding out of 2022, Sharpline Distro is setting its sights on the new year. According to Byke, 2023 will be all about supporting “middle-tier” artists, as well as investing more ($15M to be exact) in artists signed to their Sharpline Distro Records.

“There’s this whole middle-tier artist group, that’s basically musicians with profit ranging from $25k to about $1M, who are just getting overlooked. By 2025, that’s gonna be a $7B market, coming from nothing, so we’re definitely keeping our eye on that,” says Byke. “We’ve got artists making $50k. We’ve got artists making $1M. What matters is creating a scalable, growth-oriented service for everybody.”


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