Travel and tourism have been two of the most lucrative industries globally. It also helps that they go together and can encompass other sectors in their operations. Many entrepreneurs found their success in these industries because of the numerous opportunities they present. 

Individuals with a passion for traveling and hospitality often find their work as something that comes naturally. To them, it’s like a walk in the park, and they want to share that same level of fun and relaxation with others searching for it. 

Snigda Suda, a young entrepreneur from India, founded Experiences Dot World to provide exceptional luxury travel experiences with unfathomable hospitality services in corporate retreats and events in India.

Finding Her Purpose Early

At 14, Snigda found her calling in events. She was busy planning her friends’ birthdays, family holidays, outings, school carnivals, and other gatherings. Eventually, she realized her interest in traveling and luxury experiences.

The young Snigda later pursued luxury brand management in college and has worked on hundreds of events since then. She prides herself on being a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail and creativity. 

“I have successfully worked on more than 500 events, making Experiences Dot World one of the best Indian travel and MICE agencies. We plan the best holidays for leisure groups, specializing in planning incentive travel for corporates,” she said. 

With Experiences Dot World, Snigda aims to capture the MICE segment of India and plan the best incentive trips for the corporate industry. 

“I saw a gap in the market. There were no luxurious travel experiences, so I came up with the luxury travel vertical to cater to the luxury travelers of India, specifically people looking for a bespoke luxury travel experience curated especially for them,” Snigda shared.

Proving Others Wrong

Although Snigda already knew where her calling lay, those around her didn’t initially support her vision. Her teachers, friends, and parents doubted her, making her feel like she couldn’t amount to anything. Although it was hard to ignore initially, she decided to focus on building her three companies. 

Besides Experiences Dot World, Snigda co-founded a luxury Indian candle brand, Nirah, which creates 100 percent organic soy and beeswax candles. 

She also founded Triad Global Media, an international social media growth agency that helps clients grow on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

There’s no stopping Snigda from what she wants to accomplish in life, especially if they coincide with her passions. 

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