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How Sonia Gangar Started And Grew Her Wedding And Events Planning Company, Chic Events By Sonia



Weddings are always a wonderful and memorable event in anyone’s life. Not only do the bride and groom get to experience this momentous day, but their guests can also share in the magic of being able to celebrate love and a lifelong commitment. 

This is why Sonia Gangar started Chic Events by Sonia, a Toronto-based wedding and events planning company, with satellite bases in major cities globally like New York, Miami, and Chicago.

As the owner and creative director of Chic Events by Sonia, she uses her extensive background in fashion, event production, and marketing to create unique designs and experiences to give their clients a memorable experience. 

“As a little girl I was always in complete awe while attending weddings, everything was just so magical. From the moment the couple did their grand entrance, stunning designer outfits, cake cutting to their first dance as the couple gaze into each others eyes embarking a new journey together,” Sonia said. 

Her business started as a passion part-time project then grew to what it is today, as they do approximately 50 to 70 weddings a year globally. 

Specializing In South Asian Weddings 

One of the many characteristics that define Sonia is her sophistication. She’s the kind of woman who balances elegance with ease, who looks put together and yet never over-styled. 

Yet despite her love for all things luxurious, Sonia’s connection to her Indian roots remains strong as ever. And it just doesn’t reflect on her alone. It can also be seen in how she does business. 

Chic Events by Sonia specializes in South Asian luxury weddings.  

“As magical a wedding  day can be, there are so many moving pieces to a South Asian wedding, all the traditions, festivities, and religious components that need to be taken into consideration. We focus on the logistics, details and believe anything is possible! Our dedication is to our clients. We ease the stress that couples may feel during the planning process,” she said. 

Sonia also makes sure that she and her team deliver creativity, and expertly manage the process of securing your venue, referring reputable vendors, organizing the logistics to bring their clients’ vision to life.

Expanding Her Company

Presently, Chic Events by Sonia does around 50 to 70 weddings a year and has been in business for five years now, making their total number of events successfully completed just over 200. 

“We have satellite bases in New York City. We do weddings throughout the USA in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago,” she said. 

But being a business-minded person, Sonia has a lot more planned for her company. And one of them is to launch in new areas like Europe and Asia for the coming year. 

She began by expanding their roots in the Caribbean. 

“We are so excited, we are launching wedding  planning services in the Caribbean this month, our team has been thorough in market research, securing travel partners, and have been officially certified,” Sonia shared. 

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