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How Sunny San Diego Saves Businesses Money Annually



Merchant payment processing is a common practice for business owners who rely on making sales to keep their companies afloat. However, many companies that manage these payment processes take advantage of small businesses by overcharging them. 

These companies ensure business owners’ payments reach their respective banks without complications. Yet, they charge them fees that often hurt their pockets. So instead of cutting costs and putting their hard-earned money into developing their business, entrepreneurs pay unnecessary fees

Signs Of Overcharging

With several processing companies trying to make an extra profit from merchants, these businesses inevitably find signs of overcharging. 

First is when they encounter non-qualified transactions, one of the most expensive credit card processing fees, found only on accounts with tiered pricing. Once “non-qualified,” “non-qual,” or “nqual” appears on credit card processing statements, it’s time to switch merchants. 

Meanwhile, flat-rate processing fees might seem like a simple payment option, but the cost per transaction becomes high, especially for debit purchases. It means that all prices are intertwined to create a consistent rate and fee, which is not affordable for most small businesses. Merchants with flat rate fees often feel that this model harms their revenue because of the extra costs. 

One way to determine overcharging is by looking at documents. While some are explicitly noticeable, others are minute. Regardless, entrepreneurs can often find the numbers on receipts, invoices, and similar documents to distinguish how their processing companies apply their overcharging. 

As a result, numerous business owners shifted to new payment processing companies. Among all the companies available in the industry, Sunny San Diego Payments offers services that protect entrepreneurs’ interests and profits. 

Listening To Their Clients 

Established in 2020, Sunny San Diego Payments considers its clients’ needs above all. The company does its best to learn about its clients deeper through free consultations to help them find the best service that meets their preferences. 

Sunny San Diego Payments brings customers the best rates in the country, saving from $200 to $5,000 annually, depending on their respective businesses. The company offers the most viable solution to protecting merchants’ profits during a global recession and other conflicts.  

Through this level of consideration, business owners can feel assured that Sunny San Diego Payments will get the job done without the extra fees found in other companies. 

After two years since its establishment, Sunny San Diego Payments continue to build its rapport with the public as the go-to company for trustworthy transactions. 

Visit @ssdpayments on Instagram for more information. 


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