The mind and the heart in the collective consciousness has been chronically disconnected. We are living in a time where it is vital for the regeneration and raising of consciousness in the world for our mind and our hearts to be working in union. 

This disconnection can be seen in the destruction and extraction of our Earth, the focus of individuality over community, profit over people and the continued violence rooted in hatred against Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Reclaiming a balance seems more necessary than ever before to bring about a more just, regenerative and thriving planet for future generations.

Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Energies

The heart can be considered connected to feminine energies, whereas the mind could be connected to masculine energies. If we consider the heart or the feminine qualities to be leading, we are looking at unconditional love, compassion, intuition, nurturance, and creativity to be guiding the way. On the contrary, the mind or the masculine qualities to be following the hearts lead by taking logical, practical, action oriented, disciplined, stable action on the manifestation of the heart. Then, we see these two dancing in harmony.

The Eagle & Condor Prophecy

There is a widely-known indigenous Eagle & Condor Prophecy which talks about the Eagle representing the mind of North (North America) and the Condor representing the heart of the South (South America) that speaks of a 500 year cycle beginning in the 1490’s during which the “Eagle People” would become so powerful that they would nearly eradicate the “Condor People” out of existence. This can be seen in the mass genocide, colonization and oppression of the Americas and it’s indigenous peoples throughout history and continuing. As we know, indigenous peoples are those who are the original tenders and caretakers of the Earth. 

The prophecy states that over the course of this 500-year cycle, The Eagle and the Condor unite to fly together and create a new level of consciousness for humanity.

Building Roots & a Bridge Between the North & the South

As a life-long earth steward, tender of the sacred, artist and earth-rooted leadership guide, my path has guided me to build a strong rooted bridge between North & South America. I was even gifted a Condor feather in Chile a few years back by a medicine man who told me “You are a messenger between worlds.” I humbly accept this offering and responsibility.

This idea of balancing the heart and the mind, and the masculine and feminine energies, even appearing as the reclaiming of the non-binarism, gender non-comforming or the indigenous 2-Sprit identities, that we’re seeing emerging in the world today has become a cornerstone embodiment and wisdom piece that I’ve carried along in my journey to be of service to this through everything I do. 

An Offering to this Mission Through a Fusion of Hip-Hop Music & Traditional Andean EDM

An offering to this mission has come in the form of a musical collaboration between an internationally known Chilean artist, Rodrigo Gallardo who fuses Traditional South American Indigenous Andean music with EDM and (my) Sister Stone’s R&B & Hip-Hop music with sweet vocals and piercing lyrics that send musical medicine straight to the heart and soul of everyone who listens. This remix of Sister Stone’s track “Relations” was released Friday, June 18th on all major streaming platforms and you can receive that here:

Ecologically & Culturally Revitalizing the Indigenous Peoples of Chile

Coinciding with this release, these artists partner with Budi Anumka & Maple Micro Development whose mission is to culturally and ecologically revitalie the Indigenous Mapuche peoples of Chile through education, research and dialogue with ancestral knowledge. They work towards providing self-governance models to revalidate the role of the territorial authorities of their ceremonial centers and land. People can donate here to the cause:

Supporting the revitalization of indigenous peoples on our planet is contributing to the rebalancing of the heart and mind of our world to ensure the earth-based, ancestral technology that is so vital for our future is preserved. 

We can each choose to both live more from our hearts and from taking care of our Earth in accordance with the Eagle & Condor Prophecy. It starts with re-balancing the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves that will ripple out when we align our actions with what is in highest and best interest for creating a just, sustainable and spiritually connected world for our future generations.