Isaiah Satterthwaite, a recent college graduate, has dedicated his life to creating a better America. As a father, a basketball coach, and now an author and game designer, he wants to inspire others to be active participants in society.. Central to his journey is his book, “The Golden Standard,” which serves as a manifesto for personal and communal success.

The Golden Standard

“The Golden Standard” is more than just a book; it’s Isaiah’s blueprint for living a life filled with purpose and contribution. “I’m just an average guy with a lot of ambitious goals in life… I decided to take different risks and opportunities head-on.” This mindset is based on a myriad of principles that he believes can change America for the better.  “When you do your best in all aspects of your life for God, your country, and your communities, you will have a meaningful and successful life.” 

Multifaceted Approach to Improvement

While the book anchors his philosophy, Isaiah’s other endeavors, including coaching and game designing, are living examples of his commitment to engaging with his community and the youth. His innovative board game  “Basketball Chess” game represents his inventive approach to showing the strategic thinking that is involved with basketball. Isaiah believes that his board game can help with in-game decisions on the court as well as provide another avenue for people who enjoy the sport of basketball. ,

Inspiring A Movement 

Isaiah is committed to embodying the Golden Standard – by excelling in all aspects of life for the betterment of self, community, and country. His perspective is one of action, improvement, and unwavering commitment to values and community.

With the impending wider release of his book and game, Isaiah is focused on inspiring and motivating others. He sees “The Golden Standard” as a tool for outreach, particularly to the youth and those seeking direction, emphasizing the importance of living a life aligned with one’s values and community needs.

In Summary

Isaiah encourages all to read “The Golden Standard,” Pre-order his board game “Basketball Chess,” and follow his journey towards making a positive impact in America. Based on his own education, experiences, and study of society, his book aims to serve as a guide to living life with purpose and impact.

For more information, you can check out his book here