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How To Become A Professional Wix Website Designer



Wix is a famous website builder suitable for creating different websites: from simple business cards to full-fledged online stores. No special skills are required to work with it. Thanks to many professional templates and convenient customization tools, users quickly assemble attractive sites with good functionality.

Wix offers everything you need to create a website: hosting, templates, visual editor, built-in applications, and integration with third-party services. 

But can you offer website design services if you work on Wix? We decided to ask Anastasia Enikeeva, Wix Partner with a “Legend” level, founder of Effective Marketing & Design. She has built over 200 websites on Wix for their clients in Miami and internationally.

How easy is it to base your own business on designing Wix Website for clients? 

If you were not charging a very high professional web development rate and relying on the volume of the clients to get successful, that would be easy. You will certainly enter into a thinner market in contrast to overall web development – that is the hard part. If you consider yourself a good sales person who is people-oriented and can effortlessly get new clients regularly, then being a Wix Expert can be a good option. Various clients do not have enough time to plan and then develop a website, no matter how simple it is. 

Moreover, suppose you think you are good at other platforms, such as WordPress. In that case, you may also get amazing business in enhancing your relationships with clients by catering to their needs using Wix till the period of time when they outstrip Wix and are searching for more options. 

How Much Can You Charge For A Wix Website?

It depends on the needs of each client. We offer packages starting at $490 for small businesses. My projects of Wix website design usually range from $1200 to $3000. The cost will certainly vary as there are multiple factors involved such as the number of pages required to be designed, the need for customization, custom forms, eCommerce integration, book functionality, and the list goes on. 

How does Google function for Wix Websites? 

Today, more than 130 million website owners worldwide are making use of Wix and are getting fantastic search results. In fact, not a long time ago, Google also confirmed that Wix possesses some of the best SEO tools which will enhance the visibility of your website. 

Can SEO services also be provided if you develop Wix websites?

For the past 7 years, we at Effective Marketing & Design have developed hundreds of Wix websites. Most of these are doing exceptionally well for searches in Google, provided that they are optimized in the right and professional manner. Wix possesses a great intuitive SEO wizard which can assist you in setting up certain SEO basics. Also, it will make it possible for you to get your site indexed by Google quickly and without having to leave the platform. But there are a lot of other tools and actions that have to be considered for the best SEO results, and these require expertise. A lot of our clients get our assistance in promoting their Wix websites organically. 

If you’d like to become a professional Wix website designer, where would you begin?

The first thing you need to do is learn the basics of web design. Those marketable and user-friendly websites tend to follow the UX protocols and patterns or the user experience. UX primarily is the list of universally accepted criteria that the users look for while making use of a website, for instance, the mobile-friendliness, readable fonts, pleasant colors, and ease of navigation. 

Keeping UX in mind when getting into web design from the very beginning is a great thing. It is because UX is deemed the most essential thing in web design. The website’s bounce rate, marketability, and overall success depend on UX. 

Over time, as the web design industry is growing, it has become vital to add to your training and learn new things about UX and its changing terms and trends. As there are constant changes in technology and culture, the users’ needs are also constantly changing with regard to UX. It is therefore essential to understand how the web works. 

Prototyping websites is deemed as the most significant and more prominent part of web design and the process of developing a website from zero. Possessing prototyping skills is vital if you want to succeed as a web designer. It shows that you understand the value of offering a prospective customer a visualized idea of the final product. When it comes to developing a web design portfolio, being capable enough to prototype is also a great skill. 

How do you get your first clients?

Most of your prospective clients will not even consider your education and schooling. In fact, many of them won’t care about your experience in web design. But, the thing which is essential for them is your portfolio. It will include a digital file that will carry examples of your web design work. It may also include screenshots, themes, templates, apps, entire web pages, prototypes, past projects, etc. Make sure to be innovative and creative! This will undoubtedly be the most exciting part of your web design journey.

It is also important to use your own website to host your web design portfolio, as you are an actual web designer. Also, I recommend keeping your web design portfolio as simple as possible because if you keep themes simple, it will properly demonstrate your prototypes. 

In addition, you should put your work up on different marketplaces. Once you realize your portfolio is looking good and you have complete confidence in your abilities as a web designer, you need to start searching for places to sell your service. 

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