Today nobody’s going to argue that Instagram is a platform that gives generally the best opportunities to spread a word about a product, a service or some sort of content – moreover, it gives all the chances to monetize it and sell it. This is why this social media platform has over 1 billion monthly active users, and more than 60% of them are visiting this social network every day. You can make your own conclusions: but we think that it is obvious that IG is the best online market to come and find an audience and potential buyers for whatever you’re trying to sell. 

However, the competition amongst the bloggers is pretty tough today – you need to be in the topic of social media marketing to reach certain results in a short period of time. So, in this article we’re going to give you a short guide on what works and what doesn’t work now; we will speak about the opportunity to buy Instagram followers that give your page a decent booster, go through the most efficient free promotional methods and will tell where to seek support when you don’t have any bonds on this social net at all. 

What can you do for free

Obviously enough, you can try to mutually follow and like people. But in 2022 it doesn’t work as easily as it did earlier in the days; you should find activity chats on What’s App and in Telegram where content creators exchange links to their posts and accounts and give each other some support when it is needed. There you will be able to get guaranteed subs and guaranteed likes, whilst if you’d try to do it without these chats you won’t be able to get any warranties at all. Generally, you’d just waste lots of time online.

What’s even more efficient is trying to communicate and interact with the audience that’s already interested in your content: you can do it on the pages of bloggers from your and neighboring niches, writing your own commentaries under posts. You have to be open, friendly and informative, and never try to discredit the blogger on whose page you’re trying to communicate.

What’s available for money

Free options are great, but if you are here for quicker and more tangible results, we’d recommend you to pay attention to the paid options: such as a chance to buy real Instagram followers, take on PR from bloggers and set targeted ads. All of these three can quickly bring your profile to a certain level of popularity that you’ve been planning and at the same time you won’t have to put too much effort and time into the process.

Start from the opportunity to purchase subs though, because this option will give you a chance to form a base which you will be able to rely on later; people who will see a page with tons of subs will more likely follow it, than if they’d run into a half-empty page with several hundreds of subs in the best case scenario. Then you can add influence PR (ads from bloggers) and targeted ads, but make sure to not spend all of your money from the very beginning and move on gradually, making the visibility of a totally natural promotion.