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How To Talk To Girls At Parties



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Talking to women and getting them to stay enticed is generally considered a form of art. However, when it comes to talking to them at parties, the same skill is utilized in a different way.

Practice your conversational skills with

Change your mindset

If you are planning on heading out to a party, don’t go with the mentality that you are only going to the party to talk to girls.

Socializing is not just about taking a woman home, rather it is more about meeting interesting people and having fun. Paradoxically, having this mindset actually makes you better at engaging in conversations with women.

So, rather than focusing on talking to women, be free and engage with everyone at the party. Make friends with the bar staff and doorman. Engage with both guys and girls alike, and even large groups of people.

Perhaps the best advice when it comes to figuring out how to talk to girls is actually not to think about talking to girls.

Always have a wingman

Having a wingman when looking to talk to girls can prove to be very helpful.

First of all, they will give you the push you need to get into conversations that you would have otherwise given up on without even trying. Secondly, a wingman props you up and helps to keep the conversation going.

Identify that one guy friend you trust and ask them to go out with you. With the social momentum created by having a supportive friend by your side, you are much more likely to get into more exciting and promising encounters.

Be a gentleman

Perhaps you’ve already heard it a million times by now, but ladies do actually love a gentleman. Granted, a party may not seem like the best place to pull the old-school charm, however, this is what makes it a perfect place for doing so as it’s unexpected.

So, if you end up connecting with a lady at the party, why not offer to get in a round of drinks and cover their Uber home?

Pull out a chair for her and offer to take her coat.

These are all aspects of basic courtesy. However, as it turns out, many men don’t seem to have these in their arsenal. Remembering these tips will help you to stand out from the rest.

Give compliments

Who doesn’t relish a random compliment? Giving compliments is always a simple and effective way of spreading positivity and making a person feel great. Make this your goal at the party.

People should be able to feel comfortable around you. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to dish out sincere, sweet, and detailed compliments. Go to the party with the mindset of seeing the good in everyone.

Go right ahead and throw out random compliments in your interaction with women. However, don’t just restrict them to your engagements with women, be nice to everyone, and women will naturally take a liking to you and will want to talk to you.

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