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How to Use CBD Products to Help You Sleep Better at Night



CBD is one of the many beneficial chemicals available in cannabis plants. Many find that CBD can create a calming effect and help them relax into sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, you should consider trying CBD products to help you improve your sleep quality.

Define the Problem

Before you start using CBD, it’s important that you fully define the problem. Do you struggle with anxious thoughts or physical discomfort that keep you from falling asleep? If so, a sublingual dose of CBD oil may be the best option. CBD oils that also contain CBN, or cannabinol, have also been shown to aid you in falling into a deep sleep. If you also struggle to stay asleep, you may need to stack your CBD intake.

Choose the Right Products

A dose of CBD oil across or under your tongue can offer the quickest dose. A full dose may bring on sleepiness quite quickly. Take it directly before bed to get the best results.

For those who are wakeful in the night, it may be most effective to combine an edible with your CBD oil. Edibles take time to be digested and deliver their full dose. Plan for at least an hour for an edible to help you sleep. If you take a capsule or a gummy at the same time you use your sublingual oil, the time it takes to digest the edible may extend your CBD benefits.

Be aware that it’s very hard to take too much CBD. If you notice digestive problems such as diarrhea, you may want to back off your total dose.

Avoid Microdosing

If you want to use CBD to help you fight insomnia or wakefulness, it’s important to take a full dose for best results. Small doses of CBD are referred to as microdoses and can be quite useful for managing anxiety or pain, but they’re not the most effective option for sleep. An edible or CBD capsule, when taken with a large meal, can actually take quite a bit of time to get into your bloodstream and constitute a microdose. Topicals, such as CBD lotions and creams, can provide a microdose.

Microdosing has many benefits. It can calm your mind and provide clarity. Unfortunately, focusing your mind at bedtime may not make it easier to quickly fall asleep. Microdosing can also help you manage nerve pain.

If pain is one of the issues that is making it hard for you to sleep, consider methods of microdosing during the day. Half a gummy or a CBD capsule with your lunch can allow your digestive system to slowly absorb the product, managing pain without making you sleepy. At bedtime, you simply need a dose that is conducive to sleep.

Starting Your CBD Dosage

If you are new to CBD, a CBD isolate powder might be the best option. You can mix this in with a cup of herbal tea or even warm milk. Keep a dosing journal to track the product, method, and results of your dosage. Be aware that CBD will build up in your system; it may be possible to back off your dosage over time.

CBD products offer those who struggle with insomnia or anxious thoughts many benefits. To make sure that you’re using the product to full advantage, defining the problem is a crucial first step.

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