Samples prepared from 3 adulterants and 32 synthetic urine were submitted to testing in five drug forensic laboratories for immunoassay screening, chromatographic confirmatory analyses, and sample validity tests (SVTs).

 Synthetic urine would work in drug tests since most laboratories did not conduct genetic analyses of samples. To avoid getting a positive drug test for urine, donors may attempt to tamper with a test, either by adulterating a sample with a product designed to impede testing or substituting the sample with synthetic urine.

Coming Up Clean In The Drug Test – Different Options Are Available

It would be extremely difficult for anyone to substitute a false specimen for their urine, which has the correct visual verification. It would not surprise you that a lot of people will resort to fake urine kits to get tested for drugs to make sure that the results of the tests are negative. As more and more people are using fake urine to pass drug tests, labs have started testing for chemicals found in human urine that are not found in fake pee.

Workplace drug tests using urine are common practices, and if you are a cannabis consumer who has gotten a few, you may want to investigate a few different solutions for coming up clean.

Since quantitative drug tests are merely checking whether or not any particular drug metabolite is present at levels higher than specified in a substance that is diluted down to that of normal human urine, water would also work if there were no metabolites present. Product manufacturers will make sure that the final product matches exactly what drug testers are looking for in clean, metabolite-free, organic urine.

If you are not comfortable using synthetic urine to cheat  the test, you can also use  detox drinks like mega clean or rescue cleanse. You can read an excellent review on mega Clean detox drink on Deccanhearld. It’s also safe and relatively easy way to pass a test without doing detox.

Synthetic Urine Are Developed Today To Match Original Urine

Laboratories producing synthetic urine try to match key signals from organic urine that tests look for, including accurate chemical profiles, pH balance, density, color, and smell. When used, synthetic urine needs to remain hot, with an approximate estimated temperature of 98degF, to reassure testing personnel that the given sample was produced naturally and is genuine. You can easily conceal synthetic urine from an Incognito Belt within any outer clothing, making it perfect even for drug tests under supervision.

This device will discreetly dispense urine throughout your testing, making it effective even under surveillance. The team said it used a synthetic urine product, Quick Fix, and was able to use that at lab pickup sites, which, in turn, passed a follow-up laboratory test.

Both the adulterant samples and synthetic urine were tested with standard SVT analyses, including pH, specific gravity, oxidants/nitrites, and, in one lab, iodate (Supplementary Table S3).

Get Away At A Surprise Drug Test With Synthetic Urine

In summary, fake urine is a substance intended to be used instead of a donor’s real urine specimen, when tested, to ensure the donor’s illicit drug use is not detected. Right now, lab-grade, high-quality urine is so close to the real thing that not even urinalysis technology can tell the difference between the fake-whizz bottle and the urine that your body would normally produce.

 If you are still wary about this option, let us remind you that it is still possible to get away with failing the test by using a pure sample of another person’s urine, although it might not be the most full-proof method if done correctly, synthetic urine is the most definitive drug-test-proof way to go.

How do you test for synthetic urine in your drug screening program?

Since more people are using fake urine for fake drug tests, labs are starting to test for analytes found in human urine that are not found in fake pee. Some people end up using fake pee that contains actual urine, and therefore fail a drug test, despite trying so hard to pass one. If your fake pee has the same composition and density as actual urine, the testing companies might not detect that it is a fake sample.

No matter how good your fake urine product is, human urine has biological markers a synthetic version cannot replicate. That is why it is so important to use AAB Labs, which uses sample-based testing for authenticity, to make sure you are collecting authentic human urine, and that you are testing it for an accurate result.

There are, in fact, individuals that use synthetic urine and have passed drug tests without being detected, but there is not much data (as one would expect) about what percentage that is.