“Work is hard, work is tiring, and you will suffer if you don’t make money.” Many migrant workers say this sentence, hoping to “get rich” one day and end their working lives.

In order to realize this dream, many people buy lottery tickets in Royaltoto. After all, the slogan “5 million in 2 yuan” is still very “attractive”. No, recently Shuangseqiu Welfare Lottery has issued a grand prize of 5 million yuan for 74 bets, which also makes many people “excited to try”.

According to reports, the 2021026 edition of the Shuangseqiu Welfare Lottery issued 74 first prizes, and the single bet bonus exceeded 5.07 million yuan.

Judging from the region where the winners are located, lottery players in Shandong won 12 bets, Guangdong lottery players won 8 bets, and lottery players in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia won 5 bets each, equivalent to 74 bets and 5 million. People take half!

Why are the winners concentrated in these 5 provinces?

According to the 2020 lottery sales announced by the Ministry of Finance, lottery sales in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong are all in the top four in the country. Apart from Zhejiang, the combined lottery sales of these four economically strong provinces in 2020 exceeded 110 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the total sales, so it is not difficult to understand that there are many winners.

But whether you can win the lottery ultimately depends partly on luck. Some lottery players are very confused: Why do some people win repeatedly, but I never win the big prize? Is there a “doorway” that I don’t know about?

The lottery shop owner concluded three points based on his experience observing lottery players buying lottery tickets at the store over the years. If you do well, you can win too.

1. Long-term persistence, small bets

Persistence is the most important thing in anything. Winning the lottery jackpot itself is a low probability event. The probability of winning the jackpot by buying the occasional bet is even smaller. Therefore, if economic conditions permit, you should hold out for a long time.

Lottery shop owners reveal that most of the big winners are long term lottery buyers. The more often they buy, the higher the probability of winning the lottery. Very few people buy one or two and just “gamble” on winning the lottery.

Therefore, the lottery shop owner reminded everyone that it is necessary to understand the “degrees” and make a small bet for “slow and long flowing”. book”.

2. Follow the “feelings”

Many old lottery players like to learn the rules based on trend charts in the lottery shop, but the lottery shop owner bluntly said: “This is psychological comfort!”

Take the two-colored balls as an example, the winning numbers themselves are random events, and winnings are largely down to luck. Therefore, the lottery shop owner thought that it was better to follow one’s own “feelings”. Sometimes if you are lucky you will win. In 2019, a lottery player from Heilongjiang bought a lottery according to the number in his wife’s dream, and won the grand prize of 15.32 million yuan.

3. Treat with peace of mind

When buying lottery tickets, mentality is also very important. In many cases, the more we want to get something, the harder it is to get it. When you are not so urgent, it will “come” by itself, and the same is true when buying a lottery ticket. Winning a prize is certainly a good thing, but failing to win a prize is seen as support for societal welfare causes. According to the relevant documents, by 2022, at least 55% of the royaltoto login lottery public welfare fund will be used for the development of elderly care services, which can be regarded as a contribution to the cause of elderly care.

And if you win a big prize, don’t enjoy it. The probability of winning again is very low. Some people up the ante wildly after winning a big prize, hoping to get more bonuses, but the results outweigh the profits.

In general, these 3 points are only to help us increase the chances of winning the lottery. Whether we can win the lottery ultimately depends on luck. Therefore, when buying lottery tickets, everyone must remain rational. While pinning some of their hopes on lottery tickets, they also have to work humbly. After all, making money with both hands is the most real.