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How Vine Changed The Internet Forever



Vine was the internet’s first superstar, and it grew in popularity as more people joined the bandwagon. Vine, a video-sharing software, was established in 2012, and users liked showing off their inventiveness with it. In reality, many people became renowned as a result of it and became stars.

Unfortunately, the app had to cease operations since its parent company, Twitter, was not managing it correctly. People who liked it were disappointed since the venue for showcasing their ability was removed.

The Beginning of the Change

Vine was the brains behind the concept of short videos in which users could broadcast whatever they wanted without making any promises to the public. This program popularized video sharing and content production within the online community, and no one needed to be a famous actor or star to demonstrate their talent.

Soon after, competitors like Instagram emerged, adopting many of its features, including the short-video sharing one. Vine’s initial concept was to develop digital storytelling in which anybody could convey a narrative in under 6 seconds. People were more interested since no one loved viewing long films and thought it was a waste of time.

Today, the arrival of applications such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube Shorts, and others has pushed this concept to a whole new level. These applications are as popular as Vine was when it first came out with the notion.

Mike Hammontree- A Vine Star

Mike Hammontree is one of the guys who have been using the app and making movies since its inception. He began creating material that captivated a wide following, and people enjoyed watching his films, which marked the beginning of his career.

Through Vine, Mike was able to connect with and create content with world-renowned creators such as Tanner Braungardt, Zeyad Zoromba, PashaTheBoss (Pasha Petkuns), Corey Scherer, Risk House, Alpha House, Brighton Sharbino, and Sawyer Sharbino, propelling him to even greater popularity.

Today, Mike owns ‘Slay Marketing,’ an advertising firm and an influencer management company that provides services to a wide variety of clients including Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. His exposure to celebrities and content providers provides him with the opportunity to learn about the newest industry trends.

Mike began his job as a teen, coming from a tiny town in Michigan, and began his career very early. He went from generating six-second Vine videos to owning many successful businesses by the age of 24, which is an incredible feat. Using cell phones creatively may lead to enormous success, as Mike Hammontree exemplifies.


Vine paved the path for additional applications, which grew out of the Vine concept. Unfortunately, Vine did not last long in the game, but it left a legacy, and numerous applications now use the same technique. People are using these applications to display their abilities and make money online. Mark is the clearest illustration of this, having started off early by utilizing the smartphone to his advantage and eventually becoming a successful businessman. People like him should be emulated as entrepreneurs and a source of motivation.

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