Hi, How are you? Miss Sarah Sunday, We heard a lot about your music as you are quite famous on your Instagram. What’s your favorite music you ever made?

Well my newest project “INK” is really happening, I have hit over 150,000 spins on spotify, Instagram followers are growing and more and more blogs are requesting interviews, I am quite happy at the success of this release!

Please Tell Us About Your Upcoming Projects.

Ah,  I am practicing the vocals on my up coming Single,  Its a great track,  very catchy, a bit more raw and rough than my last track, but definitely a Hit!

I Just Listened To Your Song “Come And Find Me”. It Was Amazing. How Did You Come Up With Such An Amazing And Artistic Work?

Come and Find Me” is a great track,  this was my 1st single and I loved working on the track,  My producer, Mbj, spent much time on this and for a 1st single with little Promo was greatly received!

You Are A Role Model For Young Artists. What Is Your Advice For Them?

For the new musician starting out….it’s all about the Song,  Write a catchy Pop Tune or work with a good producer,  Image is 2nd but also important,  I fell my look and style is very catchy and sometimes I fell like an original character from one of the 80’s popular bands!

Your Music Videos On YouTube Are Awesome? What Is Your Reply To Haters And Your Fans?

I like my videos because they are low budget but all have a positive message for my listeners,  The video have been widely view and VEMO has just added “INK” to their lineup!  Look for it!

What’s Your Opinion On Covid-19?

The virus is not helping the world….it is turning the world into a “MENTAL ZOO”  …. the name of my last Single…Funny, I wore a mask in a number of scenes in this video well before Mask where in Vogue!  One benefit is that I get to wear less Make up!!

Tell Where People Can Follow You And Get Updated About Your Latest Work?

Catch all of my happenings and info on my music and videos can be found here!  Please view and like!  Looking forward to a new year fill with positive messages and vibes!  Love all of my fans!  No haters, I am non controversial!