When art meets fictional thoughts, it always creates something new, weird and surprising to the eyes of an art lover. Whether it is about writing books or creating art and creative photography, Kat Alyst always has a vibrant sense of art to ensure creativity in her work. She turned her all “INSIDE” into paradise to show her art that has majestic vibes.

Kat Runs Away in Her Fictional World without Wings

Kat Alyst created an enigma in the photography world when she jumped into the fashion industry with her apathetic and nonsensical sense of humor. Surprisingly, people found her surreal narratives that raised her dreams of being famous beyond boundaries. Her creative and fictional concepts spice up the abstracts with some hidden messages and real-life experiences.

Kate Always Lived a Paradise in Her Surreal Narratives

Kat is a big animal that cannot cage herself in a tiny box in a non-fictional world. She found a reality so painful and tiny, so she decided to go for her dreamy and fictional world to express her unrealistic, surreal, weird, soothing and creative art by putting a smile on the lips of pain and grief. Her every past teardrop turned into the magical art that made people gaga.

Some big names like LA WEEKLY, V Magazine, La Wire, and Vogue found themselves lucky when they published her work. She also did her solo and group exhibitions. I have shared here;

Solo Exhibitions


“Someone is trying to tell you something” LA Weekly, Los Angeles, CA

Group Exhibitions


  • No Man’s Land, Yippee-ki-yay –   Shockboxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
  • Third Person  – B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY
  • Caught Pink-Handed –  B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY
  • Sleep Paralysis (reprise) –  B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY

You can find out about her other exhibitions here.

Rebirth of the Fictional Characters Found Home in Her Photography

The models she showcased in her photoshoots stare at you until you are hypnotized and feel the fictional world. The colors she used in her photoshoots describe the emotions on a deep level with a story of visuals. She aims to spread and help people globally through her artistic mindset and rough strokes on the photography canvas. Metaphors are easy for Kat because of a shadow of a dreamy world in her mind that makes her art more creative and appealing. She roams globally, including Los Angeles, Austin, and New York, to spread her editorial and photography glance.

Alyst Don’t Care About It; She Loves It

About her plans; she aims to build her studio that will be open to all artists to come, share, work and be inspired by the art vibes. Kat has a bigger perspective to diverse her work by exposing serious issues like equality and political matters to represent the truth without fear of losing something as she believes that;“We have one life and legacy. Let’s have a good one,