iAM10k’s latest release, “Money Ain’t Gone Change Me” is currently making its rounds through social platforms. The single was posted to all streaming platforms a few weeks ago and since its release, has gained the attention of hip hop fans across the spectrum from fans of Jersey Club to NYC Hip Hop fans. iAM10k effortlessly blends styles from Jersey Club and contemporary NYC rap to deliver a familiar yet subtly unique vibe. We will keep you up to date on more iAM10k news. Stream “Money Ain’t Gone Change Me”  below. 

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Money Ain’t Gone Change Me



Music is often considered one of the most accessible art forms. Music can be described as the practice of putting vocal and instrumental sounds into a notated musical form. People around the world have long used music as a special medium to create works of art and disseminate them to the general public. Its influence on modern culture has increased over time. Today, 60,000 new songs are created every day thanks to music streaming services and the ease with which anyone can release their own music. Pioneer artist IAM10k is one of the few artists who have been able to make a breakthrough in a highly competitive field.

IAM10k  has written and released numerous songs since their debut. With “Money Ain’t Gone Change Me” having the potential to become a global track. IAM10k’s unique music writing style, impeccable delivery, and ability to express emotions through smooth, lyrical flows are helping him cement his spot in the brutally competitive space as an independent artist.

His brand perfectly represents what years of hard work, resilience, and skills can get you. IAM10k has managed to create the right impact right after entering the scene. Today, his songs are getting maximum plays despite not being signed to a major label.

IAM10k has taken a unique approach to creating music. He has not confined himself to one sound or specific style but instead focuses on writing music that best tells the intended message. His song “Money Ain’t Gone Change Me” is the perfect example of this.

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