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Idol Group Members You Thought Were Leaders



I’m sure everyone who’s a fan of Kpop has one time or another mixed up the members roles, more commonly the leaders and the maknaes.  We have already covered the members you thought were maknaes here…. so here are a list of group members that are commonly mistaken as leaders.

Red Velvet Wendy

Real leader – Irene

With Wendy’s powerful vocals and the fact that she speaks for the group alot she can be mistaken for being the leader, but the real leader is Irene this could be because she’s the oldest (one common similarity in some leaders).

Teen Top Niel

Real leader – C.A.P

Niel is the centre of the group and has most the lines whereas C.A.P is more of the quiet member at the back. Also for a pretty flower boy group, C.A.P isn’t the typical flower boy but more of the badass time.

F(X) Krystal

Real leader – Victoria

At first  Krystal could be mistaken for leader but to think of it she doesn’t seem like one, for an outsider (non fx fan) Victoria may not be noticed as she’s not always talked about.

Big Bang T.O.P

Real leader – Gdragon

At first most fans have mistaken T.O.P for the leader as he appears mature (leader-like-characteristics) and confident along with his powerful rap skills… however once you find out GD is the leader there’s no looking back… Gdragon may not look visually like a leader but his leadership is one of the best.


Real leader – solji

LE is a confident speaker and can easily be mistaken as the leader, even though Hani is the most talked about member she just doesn’t seem like the leader -type which is strange since the most talked about members tend to be mistaken as the leader.

Apink Eunji

Real leader – Chorong

When googling Apink Eunji is the first to come up, she’s known for her amazing vocals and great acting skills for a idol-actor. There’s a pattern of leaders that don’t get noticed as leader most of these leaders are leader – because – their – the – oldest. Most companies can’t decide who to pick as a leader so they result in giving the role to the oldest member, in this case chorong.

F.T. Island Hongki

Real leader – Jonghoon

Since FT Island is a band and Hongki is the lead vocalist, it’s a common misunderstanding to think he is the leader, also hes the most talked about member.

comment below – have you ever mistaken a member the leader? if yes…what group & member?

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