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If It Comes – Mayne



Rap and its associated musical forms are, by and large, not known for dealing with higher issues and loftier philosophies. Sure, as a social conscience, it ticks all the boxes. If you want music that talks about the hustle and hassle of life on the street, it works wonders, but if you’re going to contemplate more universal and weighty concerns, it hasn’t always been delivered.

With Mayne, all that changes and If It Comes is the perfect example of his ability to mix the concerns of the physical world with a genuine conscience. And the lyrics of these more profound thoughts and poignant debates dance over a slow jam groove, skittering trap beats and urban sounds, but through this, he laces cascades of acoustic guitar and other sweet analog sounds.

This blend of modern music, age-old thought processes, urban groove, and timeless wisdom sets Mayne apart from the usual, more self-centered, self-aggrandizing competition. Spiritual rap…now there’s a concept.

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