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I’m The Light 💡 Of A Legend New Years Eve Party, Hosted by MKE’s DaBoo&Madeit!



The Show of the year was a success thanks to the DaBoo&Madeit “New Years Eve Party.” Hosted by the pair at MKE’s club Timbuktu.

This years was talent was on full display to bring in 2k23!

DaBoo&Madeit LLC. Has hosted yet another successful event to bring in the new-year. Like the shows the the two have hosted before, there is live music performed by some of the cities biggest and rising artists. Every event is filled with New music and crowd pleasing performances from artists like, “Ray Royalty,” “21 mob,” “Cheedoe,” “DonVino,” & so many more!

This years event was special because of the different artists who really brought a “Vibe,” with them, which was obvious even amongst the people who were just coming in as guests. As well, as an “All-star” lineup filled with some of the cities hottest up and coming artists! There was also, an engagement by a couple who Records and performed music together, was epic!

“In The Light Of A LEGEND” A Showcase Presented By DaBoo & MadeIt was filled with talented artists and great energy! DaBoo & MADEIT, hosts of some of the most popular events in the city. They have collaborated yet again to bring the city of Milwaukee most talented artists out for New Years Eve!

Opening the show was DonVino. He really had me in tune to see what was next.

Ray Royalty was filled with so much energy performing “Chop Chop” which I can honestly say is still stuck in my head.

MYB Rome had me on my feet with a unique sound that I can get use to.

21 Baby really had the crowd going as he performed a few songs that kept everyone on their feet.

SLE Racks performed showed her versatile style performing with a smooth sway that will make u really want to pay attention to every word he had to say.

MKE Petey great music fast but very smooth laid back flow & perfomance I remember

DaBoo saying “that’s a WHOLE Vibe!” Is now stuck in my head as I recall the event. Leaving me with just that, a “Vibe.”

Brad FacTs very lyrically flow one might say if your not paying attention you will miss something. This story telling performance is something I will like to see again.

CEO Youngen gave a very great show as he performed hit after hit even bringing Host DaBoo to the stage with him and ending his set with a crowd favorite “Heart Gone” bring me to my feet while the whole crowd chanted lyrics to his song.

BANDUP CLUTCH returned back to the stage and took over. Everyone knew most of songs and I believe I heard some of them before myself. This man is no rookie the way he connected to the crowd had my mind blown!

KingCal TheRealist reminds of Snoop Dogg in his prime. I can really see this MKE artist creating a new wave.

TBN Nooney closed the show out with music that makes you want to dance. Great way to end a show if you ask me!

Armoney Millions took the stage and asked Artist/Promoter New Mei for her hand in marriage. Of course she said YES! followed behind the proposal was a dance as the couple performed together to celebrate!

Happy New Years was all I heard, we didn’t get out of there until 3am. As we were leaving everyone released balloons to pay tribute to a legend that was a big part of the MKE music scene “R.I.P LEGENDARY KCO”

Among the many artist who were in attendance, I felt the energy in the building as the DaBoo & MADEIT presented another great show to the city. Upon speaking with them they were very humble and would like to thank all the artists who came out and brought the year in together! They also have some events coming soon including a Live R&B, Poetry & Comedy show! I’m excited to see more from all the artist I met at the show and will be watching MORE OFTEN!


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