Immutable Art introduces a Web3 marketplace and auction platform built on Cardano’s blockchain. Cardano is arguably the best blockchain in the world. Immutable Art allows users to easily mint, buy and sell NFTs.

Aaron Resnikoff, CEO of Immutable Art, objective is to provide a more effortless experience for NFT artist and consumers to find the pieces they want and need.

Aaron Resnikoff and the rest of Immutable’s team, Jamal Hartenstein (Head of Legal), Shashi Lo (VP of Engineering), Luis Guiterrez (CTO) , David Krause (Lead Developer) and
James Lee Hardman Jr (President of PR). The powerhouse team
have created a highly efficient platform for all NFT users.

Immutable Art, buying and selling are much more accessible and manageable. The new shopping experience allows users to find what fits their standards and likings, with It’s universal platform. Selling is done within a few clicks.

Immutable Art is introducing an auction capability supporting a variety of auction formats. One format is private, and another includes penny auctions. This gives sellers several options for how they want their pieces to be vended and bargained, supported by Immutable Art.

Presenting yourself uniquely and professionally is essential for sellers and Immutable’s platform. In Web3 fashion, sellers have the customizable options to create a profile and gallery specific to their individuality and work. To sellers, it may be essential to want to sell to an audience with similar identities; through Immutable’s flexible profile editing, it’s easy to do so.

Immutable Art is developing and introducing its art token. Holders of Immutable’s token will have access to perks, benefits, and capabilities that non-holders won’t have access to. Immutable Art specifies that being a token member will allow you to “gain access to events, unlock exclusive auction formats, access special NFT drops, and more.” The uses of the token will be “massive.”

Cardano based NFTs and users’ platform values security, safety, and decentralization. The site’s benefits are prominent and allow a creative art gallery to sell and buy.

Notably, the Immutable Art NFT Marketplace offers the chance to buy the works of some of the most intriguing collectible artists. Names like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Banksy will undoubtedly draw the attention of art lovers, and it’s anticipated that many of them will be first-time NFT purchasers.

Immutable art’s digital token that connects NFTs to the original piece of art makes it simple to exchange the NFT for the real, in-person, museum-quality masterpiece. One does not, however, need to have a location to move their masterpiece until they are prepared to exchange their Immutable Art NFT for the fine art (if a physical piece of art is available) , unlike a traditional art auction.