She has a lot of swagger and is just killing it, with fearless moves like Jagger. TaniA Kyllikki, the British songbird, is an overcomer who has embraced who she is on every level. She operates like a divine deity because she is fully aware of her own infinite capacity to create whatever existence she desires. And her attitude of thankfulness and plenty serves as an example to others.

Boldly making her imprint by blending genres and developing her own unique sound with her massive, commanding voice and brilliant lyrical abilities as a songwriter. She has made headlines in a wide variety of publications without any help from anyone else. Her 2022 debut album peaked on Amazon’s pop albums chart among releases from established musicians.

TaniA Kyllikki, now married to her music producer Rynellton, aka Garry D Hairston, since June 10, 2023, are both songwriters working closely together on TaniA’s music releases. Their new single, “In These Eyes,” released on June 16, 2023, showcases their unmistakable connection both professionally and romantically. The song, which was released by the independent label Awe Inspiring Records, is a fascinating mashup of styles, drawing inspiration from Hip-hop, R&B, Egyptian Pop, Rock, Soul, and House.

In These Eyes” is the beautiful story of two people who fell in love despite physical distance. The narrative of the woman whose green-blue eyes and profound soul attracted the man and made him fall hopelessly in love is brilliantly depicted in the lyrics by TaniA Kyllikki.

TaniA’s vocal range is on the forefront throughout the song, from the delicate hush of the verses to her powerful, acrobatic belts and even a brief whistling section. TaniA’s use of Arabic-style riffs in her lead and backing harmonies is an artistic touch.

TaniA took cues from Egyptian-style makeup to create a look that suited the mood of “In These Eyes,” which was released in this year. Photos included with the release show TaniA as an exotic, self-assured woman, a representation of her resilience in the face of misfortune. Her spouse, Rynellton (real name: Garry D. Hairston), a music producer, fell in love with her because of all these traits.

Besides highlighting TaniA’s strength as a passionate, free-spirited woman and singer-songwriter, the single release of “In These Eyes” highlights the thrilling, exciting side of being in love. With all the artistic prowess efforts that went into this song demonstrates why TaniA is a rare one-of-kind artist.

It’s an exciting preview for us for what’s coming from her upcoming 2024 sophomore album, “Free-Spirited,” which is sure to be a hit. We may expect a mashup of musical styles on this album, from R&B and pop to Egyptian pop and rock and hip hop and house. TaniA Kyllikki’s skill as a musician and singer-songwriter who can work in a variety of styles is evident in her music. 

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