Inas X is back with a new powerful song and visual, Playing with Fire. She’s showing no signs of letting up or slowing down. This fire new visual directed by Nimi Hendrix and song produced by Jordan Lewis is a hot new anthem from the R&B Pop songstress. From her versatile switch-ups to her sizzling hot looks, Ms. X has shown that she’s an unstoppable force!

Inas X recently announced her upcoming EP titled “The Trap Princess Jasmine,” that coincides with her alter ego she says. “I am the real-life Princess Jasmine, just the trap version because I’m from New York. She’s the Middle Eastern Disney Princess and this song was heavily inspired by the Disney movie. I just feel like I’m launching a new narrative for us Middle Eastern girls. We need a movie for Princess Jasmine now. She’s the only Disney Princess that stands behind the title of a man, Aladdin and I think that’s beautiful but it’s even more beautiful for the woman to have her own identity. Aladdin trapped the Princess out so she is trapped out now. The Trap Princess Jasmine, my alter ego, name of my next EP and hopefully a Disney movie coming to your tv soon lol.”

The song is an Afro-beats R&B pop vibe, a real fusion. Inas X states she loves fusing sounds in her music. “I love being able to combine sounds that I love to create a new vision. I love Afro-beats music and I love R&B and Pop and Hip Hop and middle eastern sounds, so I find ways to put it all together and people who understand how to do that too. I’m like a kid in the candy store. I love creating new things and something out of nothing. I love it.”

Inas X has been paving the way for girls. She’s an entrepreneur and has recently launched her new business venture, “Billionaire Boss Babe.” A multi-faceted membership driven agency for women ran by women. Providing resources, financial literacy and networking events for women in addition to brand building, BBB is something else. She does it again. “I love being able to give back to women. It’s my passion and my purpose. I feel like us women gotta stick together more and it’s really a women empowerment time. I just love it here. For us, by us.”

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