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Indulge in Luv Docta’s Seductive Vibes with ‘HOTLINE’



Check your phones, because the lines are getting hot. Luv Docta is now in session with his fresh single “ HOTLINE. As a performer, speaker, composer, and actor, we promise the Luv Docta won’t disappoint. He has certainly made a statement with the cover artwork, which showcases a male figure on a motorbike, a mixed blend of a red and blue heart covering his face, in a masking manner and an illuminance of lights behind his figure. HOTLINE gives just the right energy to get you balanced and feeling good for your day, evening or night. Luv Docta has developed a unique style to capture his audience, with a consistency of love songs that are dedicated to the different scenarios of romantic emotions, we highly recommend you venture off into his catalog, along with his latest single HOTLINE to reset your day, your energy and your playlist.

Luv Docta’s extensive knowledge and relatable perspectives truly allow him to resonate with his audience and enable him to inspire, energize, and introduce love into your life. Do you need help starting a fire in your bedroom? The Luv Docta is the best alternative for what you need.

You can listen to Luv Docta’s track “HOTLINE” on all streaming platforms right now.

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