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INFJ Kenzo presents: The Wage Of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth



November 2022 – INFJ Kenzo is an artist who recently announced a new album titled The Wage Of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth. It is a very ambitious record and a huge achievement for the artist, who always wanted to make music that wasn’t only entertaining but also emotional and honest. He accomplished that with The Wage Of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth. This record is very nuanced, and each song featured is a testament to what INFJ Kenzo can accomplish. The songs are incredibly immersive, welcoming the listeners deep into the world of INFJ Kenzo, an artist with so much to share.

Find out more about INFJ Kenzo, and check out “The Wage Of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth.”

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INFJ Kenzo’s debut studio album is a compelling, ambitious, and transcendental project for the newly signed artist. Through an inimitable introspective psychological analysis of himself. This conceptual album investigates and throughly interrogates, consequential nature through the lense of Adlerian Psychology.

INFJ Kenzo’s hyperfast lyrical flow, diction, tone and vast vocabulary complement beautiful riddled storytelling of some of his greatest struggles and triumphs. This album is a somber truthful experience that will blow you away as you discover how intricate this album was crafted. Each listen will leave you in amazement, and wonder.

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