Jules Rodriguez is a major lifestyle influencer and successful entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry. She is known for her passion for eco-friendly products and for promoting well-being.

Her journey began with a mission—to create an online marketplace that provided quality eco-friendly products at affordable prices.

So, knowing the power that media has in marketing and wanting to gain more experience, she decided to get a media degree and work in the corporate sector for a couple of years so that she would have a solid foundation in which to start her e-commerce store.

She first launched an eco-friendly swimsuit line as well as an organic and affordable luxury skincare line in her e-commerce store—Buildtoblossom. She received rave reviews and soon launched an activewear line for both men and women.

Her successful advertising campaigns landed her with the 2019 OMMA Award for Best Advertising Campaign Chicos.

In 2021, she launched a sustainable swimsuit line that garnered her even more attention. As a result of her efforts and success, she will be featured in Haute Living this September (2022). Her products will also be present in the celebrity gift bags for the 2023 Grammy Awards. 

The major battle she had to face was convincing others to stop buying from Amazon and to instead buy from her range of eco-friendly products. 

She was able to accomplish this by finding quality eco-friendly products and brands that she could partner with and therefore provide her customers with a range of great and affordable products.

Her role as an influencer also played a major role. With close to 250k followers on Instagram and over 65k followers on TikTok, she was able to build a personal brand that resulted in a loyal customer base.

Her posts are known for her funny couple skits and just general happy vibes. She also has a travel blog where she shares her passion for traveling and learning more about other cultures. 

Her e-commerce store and brand have since expanded to Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and France. In the future, she hopes to continue to expand Buildtoblossom across the globe.

She also wants to launch more branded products and even build eco-friendly, branded short vacation rentals. Her hope is to one day be recognized as an innovative designer for her work in the eco-friendly space.

For other aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs out there, Jules explains that it is not all that it seems to be. Oftentimes, people see the luxurious life that being an influencer, for example, can bring and don’t realize what goes into making that life a reality.

She explains: “Everything seems easier on the outside. Being an influencer/content creator is not an easy job. There is a lot of work that goes behind it and you have to be able to easily accept rejection and criticism.”

She goes on to say that when starting an e-commerce store it is important to do your research. She explains: “I went as far as obtaining a media degree and putting years in corporate before launching Buildtoblossom.”

On another note, Jules also has a passion for real estate and interior design. She loves to transform outdated pieces of real estate into modern-day luxury spaces.

Overall, Jules Rodriguez has been able to build a successful e-commerce store despite competing with Amazon and other major competitors. Her work as an influencer and her media prowess has resulted in a loyal customer base and a major brand. For more stories, please check out www.redxmagazine.com.