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Influencer Jason Borkland on What Sets His Content Apart from Others



Jason Borkland is a source of inspiration for all those who wish to see a positive change in the world today. He is a fierce advocate of marine conservation and publicly defies shark killing, as he says, “We all want Healthy Oceans, but this is not the way to go about it!”

As a marine influencer, Jason captures the beauty of our oceans and shares them with the world. Whether it is underwater tagging or swimming alongside the glorious species under the sea, he makes sure to enlighten the audience with his videography skills. He has captured extraordinary groups of sharks swimming with ease and gentleness and various other beautiful species that have affirmed his belief that these creatures are not to be feared, only to be loved and protected. That notion is in our own best interests, as the loss of sharks would result in a catastrophic failure for humanity, directly impacting the ocean’s food web. This would, in turn, lead to the world’s ocean ruination. 

Jason helps people understand their impact on the ocean and sharks’ lives through his skills as a diver. Sharing his scope of work and what keeps him determined, he said, “Diving was always a passion of mine. The direction I took was shark diving, which led me to underwater video and scientific diving. This led to working with the scientific community for the preservation of ocean animals.”

Jason has a rich experience of diving into some of the most challenging places and discovering a new world of beauty and wonder. Others rarely experience the world as he has, but he is determined to share it with others. He is PADI certified Divemaster who holds EFR, O2, and Nitrox certifications. Apart from creating content for his underwater endeavors, he also imparts diving lessons and instructions to others, enabling them to explore that part of the world.

Aside from guiding others to experience the world under the oceans, Jason hopes to instill the importance of marine conservation and promote the abolishment of shark killing. He participates in scientific research documentation and provided his time and expertise at Texas State University’s protected marine area at Spring Lake. he has also been affiliated with a Colorado-based nonprofit, Fins Attached, which focuses on shark research and marine conservation. 

Jason’s motivation, honesty, and clarity of purpose set his content apart from others. He is a highly skilled individual with diving certifications and experience coupled with fantastic talent in videography and photography, something he never knew he had. But as he dove deeper into the oceans, he could not help coming back up with evidence to share of the gems that lay underneath. 

Jason is passionate about the environment, saving sharks, and protecting our oceans. If you wish to follow his journey, check out his website here and get the latest underwater facts on his social media channel @Jasonborkland


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