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Influencer John Holowaty Is Reshaping the Dogmatic Views about Success



How do you define success? Is it monetary growth, a higher position, or any well-recognized accomplishment? John Holowaty defines success as freedom by choice. He is a British Instagram influencer and entrepreneur who has helped dreams come to reality through his platform. According to him, to prosper in life, one needs to have a clear vision and keep it simple. 

Like many people, John had no opinions about success. He was too laid back and comfortable in life to think about achieving anything. In fact, he struggled to graduate from university but eventually did. John began his career as a personal trainer in 2009. Meeting and interacting with clients was a big part of his job as a personal trainer. Through this profession, John met people from various fields that opened up his mind about accomplishments in life. In contrast to dogmatic views about success, people were content with financial and lifestyle freedom. 

John had already been financially struggling; this idea of success motivated him to find part-time opportunities in business. He discovered his hidden entrepreneurial spirit through networking marketing, a business model based on person-to-person sales. Although it was a competitive market, John took the challenge. 

Juice Plus, a network marketing company, offered a $50 investment opportunity. Being a risk-taker and passionate youth, John applied for it. He traveled around searching for distributors, held promotional events to attract customers, and attended various conventions, but all was fruitless. John looked for alternatives and eventually discovered the world of social media marketing. 

In his book, Instafamous, John explains the branding strategy for business growth. He saw that every small business first established its customer base on social media, then opened an offline store. By combining the network and social media marketing techniques, John triumphed over his growing customer base. Slowly, he expanded his network of distributors from local to international. 

From having barely a few customers to working with a network of distributors, John has proven to be an exception. The online business repaid him within three years with 7-figures and a well-established brand profile. @john.holowaty on Instagram has around 29.9k followers. He is one of the authentic figures in the network marketing industry.

John uses his platform’s influence to promote something positive about business growth. He does Facebook Live frequently to interact with aspiring business owners and advise them. 

Success is inevitable if one puts effort into it. According to John, society tends to overcomplicate success when in reality, it is simple: follow your dreams, be consistent, and live by choice. To know more about how John broke the stereotypical views about success and built his online business, read his book Instafamous, available on the website. And check out his recent book Between Fear and Fortune on the truth about network marketing and living life on your own terms.

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