What is Nukiknowws’ Real Name?

If you only know Nukiknowws from his website, you might be startled at this fact from Nukiknowws biography that he does not go by this name in public life. People address him by his real name, which is DeShaun Perkins.

What is Nukiknowws’ Age and Place of Birth?

The 28th of February, 1998, is when Nukiknowws was born. He is 24 years old right now at this point. The city of Atlanta, Georgia, is where this gamer, influencer, and YouTuber was born. Additionally, Georgia is the location of his hometown.

What is the Current Educational Status of Nukiknowws?

At the time, this gamer, who goes by the name Nukiknowws, can be found studying at the University of Oklahoma. Nukiknowws is currently enrolled in a number of programs at Tulsa Tech, in addition to attending classes at the university where he previously worked.

What is the Net Worth of Nukiknowws?

Within his work field, Nukiknowws is a well-recognized brand name. He is the owner of a very sizeable number of valuable possessions. The assets owned by Nukiknowws are currently valued at close to $200,000.

What Else Does Nukiknowws do Except for Being a Gamer?

One of the most well-known areas of expertise of Nukiknowws is providing training for video games. Having said that, he is not merely an Esports gamer in the traditional sense. Aside from that, you may find him composing hip-hop music or playing video games on the weekends.

What is the Name of Nukiknowws Song?

Nukiknowws has shown the world his musical talent by releasing a song. “Tried Rapping” is the name of his most recently released song, which is an indication of the range of his musical output.

What is the Motivation of Nukiknowws Behind this Song?

As a result of his losing a bet with his subscribers and followers on Twitch, Nukiknowws was motivated to write this song as a way to vent his inner feelings and frustrations.

Who Chose the Name for Nukiknowws Song?

Since he lost the bet, so Nukiknowws did not get to choose the name of his song. The name of this song was decided upon by his fans, to which he lost the bet.

What Objective does Nukiknowws have in his Mind for his Stream?

To be more explicit, the purpose of the Nukiknowws stream is to bring together gamers from a variety of races as well as vocations. His channel’s motto is “Where Determination and Gaming Meet,” and that phrase is used in the channel’s tagline. He participates in the gaming community on a regular basis and gives a lot of his time and effort to it.

What are the Achievements that Nukiknowws is Proud of?

Throughout the course of his professional life, Nukiknowws has developed his expertise as a specialist in both social media and being a teacher to his followers. His gaming tutorials and strategic advice, which he makes available to gamers of all experience levels, are largely responsible for his rise to prominence in the gaming community.

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