Anizzy is the next big thing in the music industry today. He is taking over the musical space in a grand and opulently extravagant style with his endearing and compelling music style that candidly blends the lines of Bollywood with the traditional sounds of today’s R&B and other charming sounds that speak directly to listeners’ hearts, minds, and soul. 

Born in Kerala, India and raised in Houston, Texas, Anizzy’s journey has not been bread and butter —it has been more like a roller coaster ride! In pursuit of his musical career, he faced challenges even from his own family who were not particularly supportive of his career choice. However, with hard work, persistence and teachings from a world-renowned part-Indian tablist, Dexter Raghunanan, Anizzy overcame his challenges and made his dreams a reality.  

Today, Anizzy lives through music, using it to communicate and express himself and his feelings in ways that the rest of the world can comprehend. He uses honesty in his songwriting, and because of this, most listeners connect strongly with his songs, as the message behind the lyrics talks directly to them and nourishes their bodies, spirits, and, most importantly, their hearts. Music is a powerful tool, and Anizzy has harnessed that ability to touch the world in his own excellent and unique way!

After giving us the timelessly splendorous, “Passion”, Anizzy is set to release another groundbreaking performance in an irresistibly infectious though melancholic track dubbed “The Return” – an eclectic tuneful ballad with a consistent brand in its R&B styling.

“The Return” was inspired by Anizzy’s contemplation once he realized it was time to return home to his 9-5 job after spending his holiday with friends. This song is, by all accounts, melancholy and will leave you with a strong sense of nostalgia. The lyrics are highly relatable, and their emotional performance with his distinct and crisply polished vocals is indescribably outstanding.

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