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Interview: Celebrity DJ Mark Da Spot Shares Highlights of Working for Prince and Justin Timberlake



Interview Of Dj Mark Da Spot

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have got the chance to interview DJ Mark, who is the new sensation in the music industry.

When asked then he said that he got a very big inspiration from the area of Bronx in New York because this place has been in the hip hop world for many years. He was inspired by his uncle who was very much influenced by the crowd and he wanted the same thing. Being the dj required the knowledge and inspiration and he got it from his uncles. 

He said that if one person can be named for making his career then that can be Justin Timberlake. He was the limo Businessman and when Justin Timberlake got his car he became his chauffeur. During the drive MDS gave him his Music CD and that made Justin Timberlake amazed. He offered to come to the MTV music party. He was in the music industry from sometime but Justin Timberlake was the first celebrity booking for him.  From there he went to the top and Justin Timberlake asked him to come to California. For eight years he was working with Justin Timberlake but after Justin Timberlake got into the movie industry then he was alone but going good. 

When asked about his experience with the famous celebrity Prince then he said Working with Prince is probably the best feature of my profession up until now. Being near and visiting the country with Prince was a brilliant learning experience no doubt. I appreciate that he took care of business, he wasn’t requesting however he was extremely specific on what he needed and how he needed it. In any case, he minded his own business and we really didn’t talk straightforwardly to one another during the principal year. It wasn’t until I was Djing a private occasion for him and he respectfully tapped my left shoulder and said, “Imprint you are playing that record a little too quick”. That was significant in light of the fact that we cooperated for any event a year and those were his first words from him to me. After that evening we talked consistently. We had a few conversations about the business, and he would consistently praise my capacity to engage and shake the group. Imagine that Prince advising “you are fantastic at what you do”, that by itself is precious.

He says that if you want to become a DJ in the music industry then you should check yourself if you are made for that. You should have the firm belief in yourself that you can do it and all the struggles in your future can be removed within no time. Sometimes you have to work for the professionals we are some of the time you will be working alone but along the way if you have the passion towards your goal then that can be achieved even in the music industry with the competition around. 

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