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Interview with Rising Star DJ Express



1. What’s your full name ,date of birth and Why did you choose DJ Express as your stage name?
Justin Nunez(born September 22, 1995), I chose DJ Express as my name simply because the word express means to convey (A thought or feeling) in words or by gestures. So as I perform as a DJ for the crowd I can control how people feel simply by music choices, whether its bringing the energy to the dance floor or making them slow dance. People use music to express themselves and that is how I got the idea for my stage name!

2. At what age, how did you start in the world of music and what motivated you to do it?
14 years old, I was attending a party in which the host’s father was DJing. I gravitated towards the turntables and studied the DJ at work all night. I felt inspired to start creating my own, so the next day I purchased my own DJ equipment. That same year i started to create my own Jersey Club music as a producer also, what inspired me to do so were producers like DJ Taj and DJ Jayhood.

3. What musical style do you feel most comfortable with and what genre would you dare to play in the future?
I would definitely say Jersey club music and hip hop, its what I enjoy the most and have the most fun with.

4. Which musicians have influenced you? What qualities do you think make a great DJ?
I would definitely say DJ Jayhood, DJ Taj & DJ Kahlid. I would say the best qualities that make a DJ are being versatile and having alot of energy to bring out the energy in others.

5. Harry Mack freestyled on your beat, how did that come about?
It’s crazy because I actually ran into him when i was on tour in miami, i threw on one of my beats for him to freestyle on and he absolutely killed it. He then asked me to send it to him so he can make an official track with it.

6. You have worked for artists like Elji Beazkilla, King Magnetic, Rey T, Heartbreak Papi, among others. What would you say has been your best experience and your hardest project?
I would say my best experience is just the opportunity to work with them as artists, the opportunity came and I was just absolutely blessed. and the hardest? I would say learning each and one of their styles to master and create the perfect track for them.
7. What sets you apart from other DJs?
I definitely have a huge head start in the music industry when it comes to other DJs, I not only DJ but I also produce!

8. Do you have collaborations in mind? Of the artists you have worked with, which one has helped you the most to complete yourself as a musician?
i Have so many collaborations in mind, many are in the works and i can’t disclose at this moment due to legal reasons with major music labels. I would say artist wise the one who has helped me out the most was a artist called Rek Banga. He is a rapper from NJ signed to A Plus Music Group. he has shown me the ropes and introduced me to major connections in the music industry!

9 . What inspires you when producing music? Could you tell us about your upcoming releases and release dates?
The fact that I can take a bunch of samples, put them together and make a single sound and turn it into a masterpiece is why I make music. It inspires me to just keep creating master pieces. I have many releases coming but cant currently speak on unannounced tracks for label reasons.

10. How do you see the music industry in 10 years? What are your goals for then?
I am currently 26 years old. In 10 years I can see myself bigger than DJ Khalid in his prime. my work ethic is unmatched and i will show that to everyone in the music industry. I am already in the process of starting my own label to sign other individual artist to help them create their own brand.

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