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Interview With the Creator of Wawachat, the Dating App For Digital Freebie lovers



“We are looking to build an online free of charges community.”

Hi, Saif, So why build a dating app? Why not just build a buddy app, Forum, or chatroom? Because online dating is a disliked solution for a real human need.

“The only concern of a big company is profits and that goes against the objectives of the users. They want to keep you single, you don’t necessarily want to stay on the app forever. The model of the apps is like casinos: they attract you with a crazy promise and superb ads, but the reality is that once in the casino, mechanisms are put in place to make you lose your money. Because the percentage of people who fall in love is low.

When I understood that, I thought it was time to create an application whose all features are free.”

What makes Wawachat different from other dating apps and websites?

“With Wawachat, you don’t have to spend hours filling out a profile in detail. Wawachat offers the possibility of getting in touch with people via direct message, adding friends, or other features like hot or not. Moreover, the app accepts all sexual orientations: Heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. Finally, it is a free dating app.”

If you had to describe your app in 3 words?
“I would say simple, effective, and free.”

Are you currently using the app by your team?
Yes. As a product person, if you’re building something, you have to use what you make. That’s the only way. If you don’t live in your product, it’s not going to improve. So everyone on the team has an account and everyone uses it.

That’s cool. What do you want to achieve this year?
The first step is getting people onboarded and signed up. We’re a pretty new app that launched in October 2022. Then the next step is to get people matched, and that’s what we’re trying to optimize for right now. And then maybe by the end of the year, we’re going to focus more on video chat.

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