ioish has recently returned with a brand new studio work named “What You Need It For.” This release indicates the artist’s constant willingness to keep pushing for new ideas and spice up his music’s sound with something totally out of the ordinary. In addition, the quality of the production and the approach to sound design are outstanding, enabling the artist to explore a broader palette of sounds to bring his music to life. “What You Need It For” combines progressive music’s energy with post-rock’s emotional depth, going for a vast scope and a broad sound. In addition, there is something exceptional about how every element in the mix comes together, giving the audience a fast-paced and insightful connection with the material. It is highly recommended if you like TOE, Dead Rituals or Caspian, only to name a few.

Find out more about ioish and listen to “What You Need It For.” This release is available on some of the web’s most popular streaming services.

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Ioish (pronounced eye-o-ish) was created by Vaibhav Bhutani, a prolific guitarist based in New Delhi. At its genesis, Ioish was a home studio project which later found some traction by enlisting Abhinav Chaudhary on bass and Anshul Lall on drums, both being known figures in the independent music scene. The trio indulged in creating and playing music in the ambient/post-rock genre.

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