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Is An Pei A Scammer? (Full Review of The Digital Agent System Scam? 2021)



An Pei

An Pei Review: Who The Heck Is He?

Table of contents

1. Who is An Pei?

2. Ans Upbringing

3. An Pei Digital Agent System (Digital Agent System)

4. What can you expect to learn?

5. Are the An Pei scam claims true?

6. Pros of An Pei

7. Cons of An Pei

8. Trying to get into Digital marketing?

9. Do you want to get started right away?

An Pei is an internationally-renowned expert in Digital marketing

When you research An Pei and his background in Digital Marketing, you can see he’s done marketing for some pretty big companies in the past. Past companies that worked with large and small brands and fortune 500’s. He’s always been at large marketing agencies like Pilots. So we know he’s the real deal when it comes to Digital marketing. But is that all? Let’s dig deepr

Digital marketing makes a lot of people so much money because you don’t need to have any previous work experience, any special skills, or college degree to start

Instead, you have a HIGHLY sought after set of skills companies desperately need.

An Pei grabbed the bull by the horns and rode it for as long as he can, but has his crazy Digital marketing luck ran out? Is the An Pei scam craze true? 

And, is An Pei’s Digital System worth the $5,000 price tag?

Let’s find out!

1. Who is An Pei? 

An Pei is what we like to call a Digital Marketer, someone who works in the Digital marketing field (obviously) for a living

In addition to his own Digital Marketing career success, unlike many other professionals, he’s decided to take his knowledge and share it with the masses so that other people don’t have to go through the trial and errors he did

An Pei has the infamous private Digital Agent Program that helps others become Highly Paid Digital Marketers as well.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Another guy selling a course telling you that you can make crazy amounts of money in no time. 

Well this isn’t one of them. He actually doesn’t usually sell his program like other ‘gurus’ His program Digital Agent is at $5000 and it is invite only. The only time you can really join is when you are on one of his live seminars (if they’re even available)

Now a lot of people think he has similarities to those ‘get rich quick’ gurus that you see online, but he’s actually nothing like them. His main career is his 6 figure job actually DOING digital marketing. This is just his side project that he loves

Anyway, I did my research and looked him up and found out that before he rose to internet fame, he had to come somewhere just like everybody else. 

He studied at the California State Longbeach for just 1 semester and dropped out to pursue Digital marketing

When he dropped, he took the chance to work in the digital world because he knew that college did not determine your futre.

2. An’s Upbringing – Before the success

An’s fate at a young age hasn’t been that pleasant at all, everybody has their own story of their ups and downs

During those times, he was an introverted kid, addicted to video games, and was absolutely ignorant of what the world had to offer him

When he dropped out of college back in 2017 at the age of 19, An Pei started learning Digital marketing.

Now this is when thing’s actually got really difficult for him,

Keep in mind, An was not an overnight success, but continuous years of false starts and failed trial and error, before reaching his dreams and getting to where he is now working from home.

His first attempt to try apply to hundreds of jobs and no one would accept him or give him a chance.

Still, An was confident about his choice. He knew he had a knack for digital marketing with the goal of traveling the world through a remote job.

He eventually turned to Digital marketing with the dream of generating passive income and giving him the lifestyle he always wanted.

The way he did this was getting a mentor to teach him Marketing. An has had multiple mentors through his careers, high level digital marketing professionals such as Erik Huberman and Christian Prev, industry experts

3. An Pei Digital Agent System (Digital Agent System)

Digital Agent System is An Pei’s Digital system, a program that is jam-packed with information that is essential for you to be able to pursue Digital marketing successfully in no time

It is a 30 Days Action Based Refund Guarantee, meaning If you are not satisfied with DAS, you took action and you didn’t get results, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product.

Let’s recap for a second:

  • We know who An Pei is
  • We understand how he rose up from nothing
  • And we realize that Digital marketing is a viable career option for generating revenue online

The Digital marketing model makes a lot of people rich, and the Digital Agent System program sets out to help you with that.

It guides you and breaks down all the need to know information. 

It is a highly advanced digital marketing course that includes 10 weeks to learn. Each week teaches you more and more advanced marketing material and how to find a high paying remote job.

The best thing about the course is that you can take it regardless of your level of experience

You don’t need to know anything about Digital marketing already, and you don’t have to have any online marketing experience of any kind.

After completing the training, you will have to attend value-added weekly webinars, which are personally organized by An himself and his coaches.

Now why is this important? Because An failed for years trying to do Digital Marketing himself. He didn’t know what he was doing and no company would hire him. Because of this, he wanted to give mentorship and guidance. The problem with digital marketing is that it’s very ambiguous. Not many people know about the field or have successfully helped hundreds of students land high paying jobs. So when you get to talk to An and the other coaches, as well as getting your resume, cover letter, and personal interview scripts to use, that is what sets you for success to getting a high paying job. Not just the course. You need mentors to guide you

4. What can you expect to learn?

Let’s take a look at some of the modules and break down the lessons to see what actionable steps you will learn towards becoming a Digital.

  • Advanced Google Ads – One of the most important things you’ll need to learn is how to generate traffic. You can have the best offer in the world but if you aren’t sending people to it, what good is it?
  • Intro to DAS – You’ll get an introduction to the whole course, and An will try to put you in the right mindset to absorb the information.
  • Advanced Facebook Ads – It’s crucial that you understand how Facebook ads work on an advanced level so that you can get companies results. This is covered in his course.
  • SEO – While it’s rather basic and primitive, An will cover some of the introductory SEO foundations you need to know to get a job as an SEO specialist.
  • Advanced Resume and Cover Letter Tactics – Because you will be applying to jobs, An will teach you how to write a KILLER resume and cover letter BASED ON YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE and land the job. Without this you won’t be able to land one.
  • Interview Script Training – Based on your background the coaches will tell you what you need to say in the interview to land the job
  • Job Advancing – An teaches you how to go from making 50k to 80k to 120k within a matter of months through Digital Marketing. This is where the course shines above all the other programs. He wants to make sure you succeed through your entire career

This list is not comprehensive, and there are more features of the course, but this is the primary substance behind it.

5. Are the An Pei scam claims true?

I mean, let’s be real for a second. What is a scam, really? 

Something that one person calls a scam to another can become a million-dollar idea. 

Let’s first compare An’s course of $5000 to how much an average student pays for college tuition. 

The average cost of College degrees is about $26,000. Students are not guaranteed any job after graduati, are told to get into debt at 18 years old, and almost 41% of graduates are either unemployed and working somewhere that doesn’t require a degree

So at one fifth of the price , you get job training from a professional that works in the field that helps you get a job, and if you don’t you get all your money back?? Which is more scammy?

There’s things that college doesn’t do that Digital Agent System does:

  • Prepare you to get a job
  • Write your resume & cover letter for you
  • Gives you actual in demand skills that the market is hiring for
  • Teaches you how to advance in your career and make more money working less

Is it the best Digital marketing course for careers? Absolutely if you’re someone looking to work from home and start a career

Can you get all of this information online for free? There’s just no way. No matter what you download or what articles or youtube videos online, you will never catch up to the years of experience An has working with multi billion dollar companies as well as hiring digital marketing professionals. An has condensed all his experience, training, and coaching into one course for beginners to get help with. This is why he charges $5000 for his program. It took years to create and build.

Digital marketing is extremely difficult to learn by yourself because you can easily get lost, learn the wrong things from fake ‘gurus’ and fake mentors, and this can make you end up wasting YEARS of your time. Why would you go through all the trial and error when you can just implement what’s already proven to work and get coaching from professionals?

So, do I think he’s a scam? Absolutely NOT, it is the most useful courses you can get out there if you’re someone who wants to work from home and make an online income with a remote job.

pros and cons

6. Pros of An Pei

He provides cutting edge digital marketing useful training for people who want to get into Digital marketing but have 0 experience. 

He organizes his content in a way that is easy to understand, and as for the substance, it’s all there. 

You will come into the program, not knowing anything about Digital marketing, and you will leave having everything you could ever want to know to make a 6 figure income with Digital marketing and land a remote job.

7. Cons of An Pei

A lot of the content is private and he doesn’t share it with many people. Even if he does share it, his coaching program has limited seats so he can only accept a few students once per year.

This is extremely frustrating for people ready to join but can’t. But this is understandable because An needs to make sure his students get success so he focuses on a small amount of people one at a time. This is also why he screens you before giving you a chance to join at $5000 as well

8. Final Thoughts of An Pei and if he’s a scam?

Absolutely not. An Pei is one of the best Digital Marketers out there with the most cutting edge information because he works with multibillion dollar marketing companies, top level CEO’s as well as his time hiring digital marketing teams (he knows what companies actually look for.) So if you’re someone who actually gets invited to join his coaching program, go for it, I know you won’t regret it.

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1) Health/Fitness
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Did you know that there are approximately 500 million users on Instagram alone EVERY SINGLE DAY.
So why should you be on social media as a business owner? Because you have a huge audience to expose your business to. It’s not the people’s responsibility to see you, it is your responsibility to make sure that you present yourself to them, and there is no easier way to do it then going on to the most populated platforms in the world like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok!

If you are interested in learning more about using social media for business you can message me on instagram @thisismarkofilipovic or you can send an email to:


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