In recent times, data storage has started to move away from the traditional data center and is now transitioning to the “edge”. This is going to change the way that thousands of businesses operate over the coming years – and it’s also going to affect customers, too. But how reliable is edge storage? You can find out everything you need to know in this article. 

The aptly named edge storage is all about moving data storage closer to people, from the men and women who work in offices to the farm owners in remote locations. Data is stored at the “edge” (meaning on-site) so that latency and network data loads are reduced. As a result, this enables business owners to save lots of money in the process. Not to mention, they can also experience better security, less downtime, and plenty of other benefits. 

Of course, you’re here to find out whether edge storage is truly reliable or whether it’s been overhyped by businesses. Let’s get to work on answering this popular question. 

Yes – Edge Storage is Reliable

The short and sweet answer is yes. Edge storage is reliable, which is why countless businesses use it. 

From factory floors to busy offices, you can find edge computers and devices in all kinds of working environments. For example, if you were to walk through a typical factory floor, you’d see edge devices on the manufacturing equipment, sensors, and other key areas – even vehicles. 

Not only is edge storage extremely reliable, but it’s versatile. Providing the working environment isn’t a safety hazard, edge storage can go pretty much anywhere. 

On top of this, edge storage is the complete opposite of cloud storage (which you can’t always rely on). You’re not transferring data to an external, faraway cloud database where you can never be certain that the network connection will be stable. Instead, everything is local, which means you have solid uptimes that are rarely ever impacted. 

Businesses are currently getting the edge storage solutions they need from different providers, such as Here, you can get any edge storage solution that you like, whether you’re a small start-up or an established company. 

What are the Requirements of Edge Storage?

You’ll typically find that edge applications need to be physically strong and well-secured. This is so that they can withstand the local environment that they’ve been placed in, such as the above-mentioned factory floors or when they’re inside fast-moving autonomous cars. If the edge storage application can’t withstand vibrations and physical contact, then there’s a problem – which is exactly why a great deal of effort goes into securing them. 

Aside from this, there’s not much to worry about when it comes to edge storage requirements. The storage itself is usually pretty small, too. You won’t be dealing with endless terabytes of storage due to the fact that that data is analyzed locally before then being passed onto a central system, which is pretty handy. 

Is Edge Storage Expensive? 

Edge storage certainly isn’t cheap. However, it’s seen as much more cost-effective than cloud storage due to the fact that it uses less bandwidth over time. You’ll quickly find that your business is using significantly less bandwidth, so your internet bills will be a lot cheaper. In the current economic climate, this is a huge bonus for small businesses.