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Isaiah Brown known as GMF Rambo: Is Providing His Own Stimulus Relief Raffle For Those In Need



Isaiah Brown better known as GMF Rambo Blaque is taking relief to american citizens to a creative level. This artist/entrepreneur is doing something totally unprecedented. After entering a deal for marketing his label worth 5 million dollars he has decided to hit the streets with an amazing and very strategic plan. We all know COVID-19 has left a lot of businesses and individuals in shambles. This pandemic has caused inconveniences from loss of employment to rent not being able to be paid. Isaiah Brown is going to be a huge savior to some with his latest album release. His release is not your typical release. He plans to give out money to those who support his album. Anyone is eligible to win. 

Purchasing his album grants you the chance to win anything from two hundred dollars to fifty thousand dollars. This is not a joke. He is taking an initiative that is inconceivable to many. What a selfless artist. He is giving Americans money just to support his newest material. Anyone may enter into this specific instant cash raffle, but listen to this… There is an entire different raffle for college students. The college raffle can grant students a massive payout of up to a hundred thousand dollars each round. There will be a total of seven student winners and the earnings are split amongst the seven winners. This drawing is for college kids only. There will be a total of a $50,000 payout to non college contestants.

When you have purchased your album or merchandise you must tag GMF Rambo Blaque on instagram to show proof of your purchase. You can purchase here directly or by using the QR code below. You can use free QR code generator for your own business. Once purchased you are entered into the raffle for a chance to win. In such crazy times he is spreading light amongst many. This will help many families and provide more relief than our own government stimulus package. GMF Rambo Blaque is an amazing individual and is in tune with the citizens. He wants to do nothing more, but  inspire and raise up his own nation. His energy is unmatched and pure. Manifesting a better tomorrow during this pandemic is in the forefront of his mind and gaining your support while he is providing you with his is essential. 


GMF Rambo Blaque on Instagram 

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