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It’s My Destiny To Be the Next Big Thing,’ Songstress Shaadoh Session is Climbing Her Way Up the Music Charts



Raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Ethiopian-Egyptian songstress Shaadoh Session has been making a name for herself since the release of her first single. The songstress isn’t afraid to shine as the spotlight slowly turns its way to her while she continues to climb up the charts. 

Aside from writing all her own lyrics, Shaadoh is known for her delicate, subtle, yet soulful music and vibes that are irresistible in the R&B or neo-soul genres. 

Manifesting Into the Growing Artist She is Today 

The newly discovered songstress has been an aspiring songwriter and singer from an early age. 

“I grew a passion for music through choir and marching band; and from those baby steps I’ve manifested into the growing artist I am today,” Shaadoh said. 

Hot97 FM of New York has recently granted Shaadoh Session as their contestant winner for “Who’s Next”. Her single “Ride For U” has won the hearts of this station and is already in rotation in the capital

In the meantime, Shaadoh Session was also broadcast on the radio’s website and all social media networks. The experience still has the internet talking and world waiting to hear so much more about the captivating star.

Proving To Herself That She Can Do Anything

As an independent artist and signed to an independent label, Shaadoh has for the first time this year, proved to herself that she can do anything. She has even recently released two hot singles: Ride For U and S.W.B.Y featuring Pretti Emage. 

“Ride For U has been featured on the Hot97–one of the hottest mainstream stations in the country. And S.W.B.Y is a hot track that’s breaking into more avenues for my music career,” Shaadoh said. 

The songstress is now working on her self-titled album and aims to master her sound and creativity as an aspiring star. 

Staying True to Herself As An Artist 

On her journey to success, Shaadoh never forgets her identity as this is what sets her apart from other artists in the industry. 

“I’ve learned to love and identify with myself entirely. As an artist it’s important to be true to yourself and accept who you are and all the things that make you unique,” she said. 

By focusing on herself, giving herself time to flourish, and nurturing her art, Shaadoh has no problem giving all she’s got to make her name known for the music that she enjoys making. 

ARTIST: Shaadoh Session

LABEL: Risky Bizness Entertainment

SONG: S.W.B.Y. feat. Pretti Emage








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