Eclecticism is the game’s name on J. Row’s soon-to-drop EP Rowvember. Rather than continuing down the tried and tested rap route or just sticking to the hip-hop highway, the EP promises to be the sound of an artist exploring some of the sonic roads less traveled to create his signature sound.

Although he uses those genres to build a platform for his music, it is what he adds to that from other, broader genres that help create a new and forward-thinking sound. And by wandering slightly, but not too far, off the beaten musical track, he can present an EP that is both fresh and familiar, which heads out in exciting new directions but which, at its heart, will fit neatly into listeners existing comfort zones.

This Texas-based artist knows it isn’t enough to keep still, tread water, or stay in one place. So through a series of songs that range from hard-hitting street narratives to insightful love songs and through music that wanders between established urban music traditions and sounds and styles of his creation, J. Row is all about envisioning, building, and embracing a whole new musical future.

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Besides his signature sound and unique music sense, another important reason that has helped him reach the top of the music world is the music he creates, something that can make people groove and at the same time connect with them on a deep level.

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