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Jade Luna, a modern-day Nostradamus and his highly eccentric life as an Astrologer and Musician



In the news of the strange, a modern day Nostradamus living in Joshua Tree California is currently making the most incredible predictions we have seen without having to decode some ancient text. Jade Luna the recreator of an ancient astrology text “the Yavanajataka” is the only living being that predicted the pandemic beforehand publicly on January 7th 2019 in Entertainment Paper magazine. A slew of people also said he predicted it in 2009 at an earth change seminar tour and in 2012 he said to forget about 12/21/12 and worry about 2020. Take that “Human Design Astrology!”  If your astrology system can’t make these types of predictions, what good is it? Jade Luna uses an ancient 27 sign system used by the priests of Alexander the Great and it is sidereal not tropical. Let’s take a look at his Highly Verifiable predictions as he uses magazines to make them.

.A pandemic or volcanic eruption would displace the planet due to a massive eclipse in December 2019. Saturn and Pluto would simultaneously enter Capricorn January 2020, the sign of constraint and the combination of the three would suffocate the planet.

.humanitarian crises would start June 2, 2020. (On the day of the BLM protests).

.record breaking fires to start August 16, 2020. (On the exact day the Bay Area was lit up by lightning strikes and record breaking fires started on the day).

.Mr Luna predicted the coronavirus peaks with perfect precision.

.The waters will rise starting April of 2022, (happening right now).

.Record Breaking heat waves starting spring of 2022 that would create loss of life.

.War to start spring 2022

.The pandemic to end early 2023 yet the coronavirus to stick around for 20 years till  2040 yet not at a pandemic level.

If Jade Luna, being a vortex loving shaman that lives in Joshua Tree California, who grew up in Sedona AZ, who has been to India over 30 times isn’t eccentric enough, under another name he is a highly successful musician with an Industrial band that is signed to Cleopatra Records and tours with the biggest industrial bands on the planet. His project has won 3 awards and is being attributed for creating a new genre of music entirely. When I found the project I was slightly put off because of how dark it was. When I asked Jade Luna why someone who lived with saints in India would create something like that he said “I am an Aghora! Were you expecting the next Yanni??!?  I am an Aghora which means we take the darkest part of ourselves and express it through Art. We put our darkest self in creativity so we don’t keep it locked in the subconscious where it can become harmful. My shadow is expressing itself in the most harmless of ways, Art. My goal is to be myself and be a person that has never existed before.” I am now a fan of his Astrology and his spiritual “art” philosophy, yet his band scares me. He makes Alice Cooper look like an amateur. His project is female-fronted and she emulates the goddess Kali live.

I looked up Aghora after we spoke and Jade Luna is sincerely expressing this path through Astrology and music. I am affected by his work.

(Courtesy of the Regent Theater, Los Angeles)

Find Jade Luna here:

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