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James Roan and Richy B Are Going to Change The Game With Their Album “Elements of Life”



It feels like we are at a crossroads for hip-hop. A lot is going on in this day and age with violence amongst artists, beef and labels even creating virtual rappers. Hip-Hop has long drifted away from its roots of lyricism, flow, delivery and storytelling. Not saying all rap music should be like that, we can have fun to express ourselves and feel good. But there needs to be a change. James Roan is the artist to push that narrative forward and be one of the “future leaders of the next generation”. He is coming back to the game with his third album “Elements Of Life”. This album is not like anything we’ve heard in a long time. The production, lyrics and overall feel of the album is nothing less than stellar.

The listeners will enjoy this album because it has some much to offer. The sounds are very versatile and complex, with 808’s, guitar, piano synths other amazing sounds. The album touches on all aspects of life Love, Happiness, Anger, Lust, Passion, Addiction, Success, Heartbreak, Joy, Excitement and much more. Richy B is and super producer also from Miami who contributed a lot this project. He has the abliltiy to tell stories with beats and James completes the evolution with his lyrics. “We want to change the game, no more of that simple rap, we need real music back” Roan stated. The project was created to inspire and change lives. The process started back in 2020 during the pandemic in which the rapper and producer split for a while before ultimately reuniting in 2022 to finish the record.

If you like rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Big Sean or Kid Cudi, James falls in the middle of those all time greats. Richy is well rounded producer who can play numerous instruments. That’s what makes this album so special. There will be a lot of visual content to support the project such as music videos, documentaries, album series breakdowns, live performances and much more! It’s going to fun watching just how far these two can go in the industry creative their own wave music wise and making their own path. The albumn will be out before the end of the year so be on the lookout to see what time of noise these guys will make!

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