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Jared Dalton: Empower Your Social Media Marketing with Intention, Authority, and Storytelling



Jared Dalton

Years ago, when Facebook was just beginning to dominate the social media sector, a lot of people wondered if it would establish itself as the dominant marketing platform. As its popularity grew and hundreds of millions around the world created profiles and began spending uncountable hours on the platform, the answer seemed to be an unqualified “Yes!”. 

However, over time doubts started to emerge. Business owners and marketers began to realize that the creation of content and the time spent posting it, building a network of followers, and generally staying on top of social media was a big commitment – both in terms of cost and time. Adding to the unease was the emerging sense that measuring the benefits of Facebook advertising was tricky, especially if a specific call to action wasn’t made available such as clicking through to a landing page or redeeming a coupon. 

In many cases, businesses cut back or eliminated their social media ad spend.  In my own case, since founding Imperium Authority, it became obvious to me that a multi-channel approach was optimal for building a profile and establishing oneself as a voice of authority. Proof I was right has come from the success of my clients and in promoting my agency through a variety of methodologies, including wire distribution, contributor articles, podcasts, broadcast appearances, social media channels.

I also developed a renewed respect for social media marketing after I met Jared Dalton, founder and CEO of The Jared Dalton Agency and turned over my social media marketing to his team of experts. Now, a year later, the results are in and I’m a believer. The old adage that you should never do something yourself when an expert can do it better, faster while achieving superior results has never been more true than using a top agency to handle your social media marketing. 

Recently I caught up with Jared between talks he frequently gives at business group meetings in the Nashville area. I expressed my gratitude at the results he was delivering for Imperium Authority and asked if he could provide tips for business owners interested in achieving better results in their social media marketing efforts. Here’s a concise list of the Power Tips he says are key to doing social media correctly: 

Outsource your social media

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you simply don’t have the time to put into your social media. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just outsource it. To do social media marketing correctly, you have to have enough time to talk about your business. Present a logical reason for why you deliver better value than your competitors. And, you have to do your posts with enough frequency so it resonates with your audience. 

Take a look at your own history of posts and put yourself in the shoes of one of your connections or followers. Are you making a cognizant case for doing business with you? If you can’t definitely say “yes” to that question, hire a social media marketing agency such as mine to get the job done. The return on your investment will pay dividends immediately and far into the future.

Be consistent with your posts

Make every post interesting and relevant. Showcase one product or service at a time. Keep it short and sweet. Use humor occasionally. Include a high-resolution photo or video. You don’t have to make everything slick and over-produced but do make a professional impression. You want people to trust your business so make it clear you pay attention to detail.

Look, every post doesn’t have to be a home run. But every post should be on-point or informative or provocative enough to create a little more awareness every time. and gives you the opportunity to be in front of somebody that might want your services. Post at least three to four times a week. Do it on the weekends now and then because a lot of folks have more time to spend on their favorite social media platforms when the working week is done. The keys to remember are: mind your presentation, create awareness, and be consistent.

Pay attention to the tone of your social media voice

When I start working with a new client I notice right away that the tone of their promotion is typically off. To be fair, I think that comes from not having the time to pay attention to the little details. Poor spelling and substandard grammar is also common but unacceptable. Just dashing off a post without spending time to write it well and make it interesting is inexcusable. It’s also a bit of an insult to your audience. Frankly, it kind of comes off as if you don’t care about your product. So, guess what? Other people aren’t going to care about it more than you do. 

If you’re going to handle your social media marketing yourself, take the time to get the messaging right. Be excited about your business and don’t just say “Hey, I got a new product out, so you should buy it.” You have to be a likable, low key salesperson on social media. Don’t be shy about telling people the benefits and get them excited! Why should they buy it? Why is it beneficial to them? Spotlight customers who love it and enjoy doing business with you. Have some fun with it. Also, be conservational and friendly. Being on social media is like having a coffee with someone. Invite them to respond with comments or to connect with you to find out more or ask for a telephone call or screen sharing presentation. Be excited about your business and others will be infected with the same excitement!

Leverage your social media with public relations

A lot of people put all of their effort and budget into one marketing channel at a time. They go whole hog on television, direct mail, or print and then wonder why the results are inconsistent. Regardless of where else you allocate funds, you should be on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube if you have the commitment to produce videos. As an entrepreneur, curating a professional profile for yourself should be second nature, so why not extend those electronic footprints to promote your business. 

Another often overlooked element of marketing is good, old fashioned public relations. By that I don’t mean distributing a news release on a wire service a couple of times a year. A truly professional PR program is a multidimensional effort and should include getting your messaging on social media and in the news. Your PR firm should also book you on podcasts, get you featured in national magazines and websites (yes, it can be done!), and pitch your content to appropriate news outlets. They can also coach you on becoming a contributor on relevant business and general interest platforms.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that we all tell stories every day. Whether it’s in a professional environment or when talking to friends and family, painting a picture with words is a powerful form of communication. Storytelling has been a tradition since before recorded history. A good story has the ability to motivate and inspire others. To do it effectively one must create a message with Intent. Social media channels allow everyone to tell their own, unique stories and make them accessible not just to everyone in the world, but as a useful tool to grow your influence and attract clients. 

In becoming a storyteller of your own personal journey, ensure that you communicate with your audience consistently and with Authority. For business owners, it’s crucial to take advantage of every opportunity to increase their visibility and authority. Combining social media with public relations is a winning strategy for accomplishing that and positioning oneself as a storyteller worth paying attention to. 

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